FaBclub review
28th November 2010
written by
Liz Montgomery

A select crowd this afternoon. Liz is compering and opens up with "Christmas Morning at Coalhouse Fort" - hopefully appropriately seasonal.

Bernard and Maureen regale us with some traditional tunes on concertina and guitar - including a very lilting Swedish melody.

"Tequila Sunset" is the opening number for Foxen .. John has just come back from a trip to Mexico. And "Everything Possible" .. a very romantic song.

Len is trying to warm up with "Follow the sun".. it is a bit chilly in the Function Room today. And "Here comes the sun!" Think he was trying to tell us something :

Some nostalgia from Liz with "Hey man, do you remember" and " Winter dreaming, vs2"

Lots of good company and chat

Bernard entertains us on the bowed psaltery with "Galway shawl" and "Somewhere over the rainbow". What a magical instrument - really dreamy and celestial.

A song penned by John inspired by working on Christmas Day…"The Shepherds Song". Foxen bring us some more real life inspired lyrics with "Friends Reunited Blues" too - about what can happen when those people who you really wish had NOT contacted you, contact you after all those years.

Some Tim Hardin songs from Len.. "Reason to believe" gets us all singing along. "Black sheep boy" is rather less well known I suspect, but a great song.

"On the Common Pond" written by Liz for her Fathers 90th birthday prompts a discussion about maintaining family histories.

Maureen has a story for us…we haven't heard one of these for ages. And off into some lovely tunes again, with tunes from Sweden, Australia and the US.

A new song from Foxen.. "Samuel saw the stars" … based on the true story of an ancestor of Margaret's - from a bricklayers son to a maths and astronomy don at Cambridge… still a work in progress - we are looking forward to the final version. The "Phantom Flasher" raises (?) the tone .. lots of verses and lots of fun.

Peace and harmony is restored with "Imagine" performed by Len. And a little taste of summer with "Pretty Flamingo"