FaBclub review
3rd October 2010
written by
Clive Meggs

It is pleuting down today, as it has been for the past few days. I suppose summer must be over, but what can you expect - it is October after all. The Leopards are back today and Sue has volunteered to be our compere for the afternoon. But first we sing Happy Birthday to Paul, Helen, John and Barbara.

TDL sing the first song of the afternoon - whakadoowhakadoowhakaday, Trevor on his pink Uke and Sue shaking her eggs, together with some very energetic dancing. They follow this with a song telling the story of a conversation between a teenager and his mum - Why You Gotta Pick on Me.

Margaret is next up with a Johnny Cash song - I Walk the Line. She follows this with another oldie - Singing The Blues.

Paul Steele makes a welcome return to the club and reminds us that yesterday was Don Maclean's birthday so he gives us what he considers to be his best song - Prime Time. A Tom Petty song, American Girl, is next and is given the full treatment by Paul.

Joe Migdal is next with a Richard Dransfield song - Harps In Heaven - a beautiful song. He follows with a song about festivals - Heading Out.

Foxen are next with some different instruments, is there no end to their talents. John dons the fiddle whilst Margaret plays a harp type instrument with keys. I am told it is an autoharp. Their first song is called And When They Danced. Margaret puts down her instrument and John takes up the concertina for their next song - Early One Morning.

Len is next and tells us that he crossed into foreign territory last night (Kent), consumed copious amounts of alcohol, and was allowed back. But this does not affect his performance at the front. He starts with a song called I Believe in You.(how does he reach those notes). He follows this with Hanging on a Wire (not literally though cause he is not circus trained). Great stuff Len!

We take our break at this point and refresh our glasses. Sometime during the first half Kathy sneaked out and bought some cakes to celebrate the birthdays amongst us. What a kind thought.

TDL start the second session with a number designed to bring out the percussion - Old Vic Traveller Blues. Continuing in the same vein they give us No One Wants An Overage Groupie Now, a song I haven't heard since my youth.

Margaret is next with There Never Will Be Anyone Else and Country Roads.

Paul gives us two three chord songs as it is the third day of the month. The first, a gentle ballad called 1916 held us all spellbound. I was amazed when Paul informed us that it was a Motorhead song. He follows with a Nick Cave song - He Wants You.

Joe is next with Another Man's Wife. No, Kathy did not get upset, this is a Jez Lowe song. After a humorous tale about getting out of a wetsuit Joe treats us to another all too infrequent rendition of Natures Wonderland.

Foxen return with a sea song written by Tom Bliss called Gentle Maids Ashore. A song in complete contrast next about a 14 year old boy trying to take an adult book out of a library called Just The Ticket.

Len comes on next and gives us So Sally Can Wait followed by a Beatles song Cried For No-one.

The afternoon is finished off in style by our birthday boy, Paul, with two Tom Waites songs, the second being Time Time Time

We are back again on 17th October in the pub when we will be entertained by our special guests Three Sheets To The Wind. This is an afternoon not to be missed.