FaBclub review
19th September 2010
written by
Clive Meggs

Winter draws on as they say. Not much sunshine today and it is getting a little cooler. We are in the bar this afternoon eagerly looking forward to our main guests MacGuinness. We have a few floor singers to start us off so I am sure we are in for a good time. Liz has volunteered to be our compere for the afternoon.

Margaret is our first act and tells us of her encounter with the Pope yesterday. She says he has blessed all of us so we must be OK. She starts with an old country song - From a Jack to a King. This is followed by The Last Thing On My Mind, dedicated to all the Alzheimer's sufferers out there.

Our next floor spot is a fabclub virgin, Brian from Bromley. He says he doesn't sing -but he plays a mean guitar. He starts with a tune called Sligo Bay and follows with an equally complex number called CM, written and played by Steeleye Span. I dedicate this to me because they are my initials.

Young Bill is next with the Ballad of Danny Farrel. He follows this with a ballad - At The Dawning of the Day. It must be rather daunting singing through a PA - well done, Bill.

Len is on next as the warm up to our main guests. He gives us a Van Morrison song - Stone Me which is sure to do the trick.

Time now for our guests - MacGuinness. The volume goes up as they start with a song called New York Girls. This drowns out the competition from the football supporters in the other bar. This leads seamlessly into an Irish chorus song - Tooryetooryeaye. Paul sings a solo next while Gerry replaces a guitar string - Shoals of Herring. A song together next -Donegal Danny. Manchester Rambler is next, dedicated to one of their friends in the audience. The Hills of Donegal is next , about an illegal booze maker. Paul gets a chance to sing on the next song - From Claire to Here. Back to back songs next - Galway Girl and an instrumental. Paul's favourite song next, but I didn't quite catch the title of it. A Pair of Brown Eyes next, a familiar Pogues song. They follow with I Wish I Was Back Home in Derry and conclude their first session with A Ballad of an Ordinary Man. Wow!! What a first half and more to come later.

After the break Brian comes back and gives us a lovely haunting tune on the guitar, Bill sings us a couple of folky songs and Moriarty gives us a couple of toe-tapping tunes.

The raffle is drawn and I win some liquorice allsorts. Most of the prizes go to people in the other bar. We thank them for boosting the raffle.

MacGuiness return for the second half and give us the following songs:-

The Tree Drunken Maidens
The Spanish Lady.
The Isle of Man.
Marie's Wedding.
Tell Me Ma.
Sweet Hands Go Softly.
Good Old Botany Bay.
The Fisherman's Song.
Black is the Colour of My True Love's Hair.
Brennan on the Boar.
Whiskey in the Jar.
The Hot Ash felt.
Dixie Riley.
The Soldiers Song.
In The Old Country.
Black Velvet Band.

More encores are requested from the audience and some drinkers from the main bar and they oblige us with a medley of Irish songs. Our ears are ringing after a somewhat louder than usual afternoon but we all had a great time. We are back again next week , Sunday 26th September, in the function room for a get a floor spot session.