FaBclub Review
20th January 2008

Written by Sue Tuckey

My first attempt at reviewing. Please be gentle with me folks. There are quite a few early arrivals today despite the weather, very overcast, but unseasonably warm.

Clive is also a virgin today, he's our compere. He apologises in advance. He opens with a few appropriate jokes.
Mumbling Len Turner and Big Ben Thompson are first up. They are not virgins, just Ben and Trev playing a bluesy number from Lightnin' Hopkins", Now is the Needed Time"

Maureen gives us first a story called "Politics". Not the parliamentary kind, but family stuff. No, I'm wrong, there is political theory at the end. Her second story is about teddy bears and how to display them best. I feel a moral coming, "never have sex with a shop owner"

Bernie has brought his big organ… oo er missus. The cat is wearing Trevor's caveman outfit! He has a Trev on a stick too! With Maureen on handle, they play "Amorillo" and "Tootsie" whilst the doll dances frantically. Trev hasn't got that much energy.!

Alan Neville is our next performer. His song, "Ellis Island" is about the Italian immigrants, who find that life is not a bed of roses in America , as they were led to believe. It is a fine song, made even better by Alan's excellent guitar style.
Next is an unaccompanied song, inspired by a trip to the British Museum , to the First Emperor Exhibition. It describes the building of the terracotta army. Excellent rhymes, and very witty.

Ben , our youngest member, gives us Eric Bibb's " Panama Hat." A bluesy number, delivered in a very confident manner. I can see he's living this song. Well done Ben.
I need only three notes to know that his second song is "Vincent Black Lightning" by Richard Thompson. Ben has mastered the pretty guitarwork , and puts lots of emotion into the song, something that some more seasoned players fail to do.

Clive tells a variant of the 'blind man' joke - nuff said!

Next up is Liz, who starts with the 'parish notices' for the club. She then recites two of her self - penned poems. The first "Seasons " is an old favourite, a nostalgic look at her Sussex childhood.Another in the same vein follows, "Winter Dreaming". Wasn't everyone's childhood like that?.....if only…..

Clive announces a ten minute break for beer (and skittles?) Bernie plays with his organ….. oooo…. Errrrrrr!!! Paul tries out Ben's guitar , people talk excitedly. Bernie fiddles again. Come on Clive, the natives are restless.

Paul Steele is given a big build-up, but starts with a joke. Known at Clubs all over Kent for his Dylan songs, he gives us, "Like A Rolling Stone", complete with superb gurning. (Where's that horse collar when you want one?) Check there's loo seats in all facilities somebody. His second song is a bit of a rant. "I ain't Got No Home in this World Anymore". He's using a plectrum as he's lost all his fingernails…in a ferret juggling act perchance?

T D L are up next. We are playing a Johnny Preston song… his version of a folk standard, "Charming Billy" and "Roadkill Café", a very tasteful number.

Len has the dubious honour of following that. He does so effortlessly. Len's first song is the Beatles standard, "Hide Your Love Away." Staying with Lennon, he sings "Strawberry Fields". He's got the guitarwork . Very authentic.

Bill Pardon is up next with his humourous ditty "Critic From Hell." His second song was his "Icarus" song, more to do with advice to the timid than classical Greek.

Steve O'Kane follows .His visits are far too rare these days. Sounds as though he's been writing songs again. The first has a dream-like quality, beautifully performed. The title……" Only Dreaming". The second is preceded by a poem… very up to date but written in 1854. It relates to the second song, the native American's take on earth's uncertain future. "Wakantanka"?

Another break follows for buying raffle tickets and smoking,,,, cough…. Cough.
I spy Liz, wearing her underwear on top of her sweater… who else would dare? Helen bribes the reviewer with the choccies she's won.

Maureen and Bernie give us the monkey's favourite "Yes, We Have no Bananas.
Another story from Maureen " The Fleeing Taliban."

Alan sings"'Bye George". A song in praise of sixties music, the Beatles variety naturally.

Ben sings a James Taylor song, "Sweet Baby James". He's singing very quietly… anyone dozing?

I get a good look at Liz's cami now. She does more nostalgia. "DoYou Remember?" Anyone under 50 wouldn't.. so this is an education… for some.

Paul picks up Trev's guitar, that bribe is a distant memory! That sounds familiar, oh, of cause, Dylan again…"Just Like A Woman." The guitar sounds wrong….oh.. it's being played very sweetly.

TDL were up next with Trev playing Mandola for Robert W Service's "When the Iceworms Nest Again."

Len then played one of my favourites, "Here Comes the Sun". Nicely played Len.

Bill went all Cornish with a funny joke. He dons his tam o' shanta for "Bonnie Banks O' Foordie."

Steve O'Kane finished the afternoon. The first is "The Valley Of The Blind", a soul-searching foray into his mind… deep stuff for Sunday teatime. Next Bob Dylan's "Mighty Quinn"…. a chance for everyone to sing us out. Someone is blowing raspberries in my left ear. (Trevor on kazoo).