FaBclub review
4th July 2010
written by
Clive Meggs

The summer continues with vengeance. It is lovely and hot, but thankfully there is a cooling draught blowing through the room whilst the door is open. The audience are gathering and we already have a number of floor singers. They are arriving, not only to have a great afternoon's entertainment, but to celebrate the 80th birthday of Rockin' Bob. Sue, Liz and Helen also have birthdays this month so we are looking forward to a buffet during the break.

Margaret has volunteered once again to compere this afternoon. She starts by introducing herself as the new owner of a canary and asks for suggestions for a name. Some of course are unprintable but the funniest, I think, was catfood. She has been requesting suggestions on facebook and has received about 20, but still cannot decide. She starts with a song written between Billericay and Romford on Wednesday, all about her new found friend entitled Condor the Canary. Why not call it Condor? She continues with a tropical song -Island in the Sun.

Our birthday boy is next and thanks everyone for their kind wishes, cards and presents. He starts with an old music hall song - Last Night In the Parlour I Loved Her Best of All. He continues with When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful, another oldie. Thanks Bob, now you can sit back and enjoy the celebrations.

Tone Deaf Leopard are next. Trevor shows his feminine side with a pink ukelele. He says it was a Martin washed with a pair of pink drawers. Sue is also showing her feminine side wearing an Easter Bonnet. They start with a poshly sung joiny in song called Oo Whacker Doo Whacker Day. They continue with a song sung by Sue dragged out of the 60's they call Terry the Second. You should sing more often, Sue.

We are over-run with ukeleles this afternoon as Norman takes to the stage and sings us Mr Woo's Chinese Laundry Blues. He continues with Walking My Baby Back Home sung with a mouth trumpet solo in the middle.

To whet our appetite for the buffet we are introduced to Ploughmans Lunch, who sing us a ploughman's song. It all sounds like hard work to me. They continue with a song described by Clive as all about sex called The Troopers Horse - how very rude!

A young looking Len is next - he has shaved his moustache off. He starts with a Beatles song I'll Follow The Sun and follows with If I Were A Carpenter. Two well known songs very well sung by both Len and the audience.

Ben is next, who is really much younger than Len. The heat is affecting the tuning of his guitar but when he gets going boy, were we in for a treat. He starts with an unnamed instrumental - a master class in guitar picking. Someone suggests we call it Margarets new canary, and make various other suggestions. He follows with another toe-tapping piece on his out of tune instrument. If that is out of tune…..Well!! Thanks Ben, it is great to hear you again.

We take a break to refresh our glasses and enjoy the fabulous food on offer.

Joe Migdal starts us off the second spasm with a Birthday Rock Medley played on his electronic organ. He continues with Big Fat Sexy Man and drives the audience crazy. I expected to see Trevor's pink knickers come flying to the stage.

Mike is next up with a self-penned song - Coalition - written about the government and the state of the nation. Written to the tune of Skip to My Loo he says he has to sing it while it is topical - and it certainly is. He follows with a poem - Folk Singer, the first of the afternoon, quite profound and well written. Thank you Mike.

Isn't it typical - you wait all afternoon for a poem and another one comes along, just like a bus. Liz is next and gives us an old favourite - Turn Around - spoken both in French and English. She dedicates this to Claudine (our founder) who has paid us a welcome visit this afternoon. A humorous poem next about the sixties and the various things that went on during that period - my, how the memories come flooding back!

Claudine is next and we all practice a song she has written for the Birthday People. She is in her classroom mode as we are given precise instructions on what to do. This is completely unrehearsed, and considering this is the case quite a good job was made by one and all. Claudine recorded the song and is sending a copy on a CD to Bob.

Helen is next. Her mandolin has been in the boot of her car since this morning and is severely out of tune. We give her a bit of time to re-tune it whilst the raffle is drawn, but this is not possible. She borrows Trevor's mandolin which is in tune and gives us a traditional song - The Blacksmith. She follows this with another song - Elizabeth. Helen made a good job of both songs with an unfamiliar instrument.

We have a second short break whilst the birthday cake is cut and handed around. It is now 5.15pm and we have time for a few more songs.

Norman gives a new song - Oh Don't The Wind Blow Cold.

Mike gets his squeeze box out and gives us a stirring sea song - The Mermaid.

We record another Birthday song from Claudine and her wandering minstrels.

And the afternoon reaches its climax with a song led by TDL and joined in with by everyone in the audience - Me and Bobby Magee. We are back again on 18th July in the bar where our guests are Sanddragon.