FaBclub review
20th June 2010
written by
Clive Meggs

The sun is trying to come out this afternoon but it is still very cold for the time of the year. It's Fathers Day today - where are all the fathers? We are a little short today, maybe they are all at home celebrating ( or watching the World Cup). Margaret has volunteered to be our MC for the afternoon. She starts with an Australian beverage ballad - A Billie of Tea. This is followed with an old favourite - Hello Mary-Lou. No George Formby at this early stage.

Bernard is next without his better half this afternoon. Maureen is at a camp with her brownies. I hope she is well wrapped up with all this cold weather. Bernard plays two new tunes this afternoon. Asked why this is so he says they are tunes in his head that he does not practice with his spouse, and anyway they were not the ones he had in mind to play - while the cats away the mice will play eh!

Liz gives us a couple of poems. The first and emotional verse Liz wrote to celebrate the life of her father who passed away last year called On The Common Pond. The second - The Rolling English Road by G.K.Chesterton

Mike is called upon to give us a couple of songs. Mike is appearing at Romford Folk Club on Tuesday 22nd June so this is an ideal opportunity for him to get some practice, and maybe for us to have a preview performance. But to be fair to Mike he said earlier that he is going to try to do different songs to his Tuesday set. You will have to go along to see if he is telling the truth. He plays his guitar for his first two songs - The Owl and the Pussycat and Fiddlers Green. Great stuff, Mike!!

Margaret gets Cleggy out of the closet with the Theme From Last of The Summer Wine and follows with Fanlight Fanny the frowzy nightclub queen.

Bernard gives us a couple of concertina tunes out of his head. I don't mean he is drunk folks.

Liz recites a W.H Auden poem - As I Walked Out One Autumn. She follows with Shoes

Mike gives us A Jug of Punch and follows with The Fields of Athenrie

Margaret follow with her own version of the last song, sung unaccompanied but with a funny slant. She follows with The Streets Of London

We take a break and there is an informative discussion about banjo's. We win the chocolates in the raffle and pass then round tentatively.

Liz gives us one of her own serious works - Poem For Margaret Version 3 and follows with Autumn Verses.

Mike is back for a third set, this time playing his accordion. He tells us that he will try to play a little slower because he tends to run away with himself. He starts with A Bottle Of Wine and continues along A Long Dusty Road. Should have consumed the wine after his walk I would have thought.

Bernard has a change of instrument for his next set. He gets out his bowed psaltery and gives us a couple of tunes.

Margaret Wishes She Had Someone To Love Her next - there is always the internet Margaret. A new one next - Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland eat your heart out.

Margaret requests Mike to play a tune on the recorder and he responds with a short verse of Lord Of The Dance. He then slips the guitar over his shoulder and sings an excellent version of The Water Is Wide. His set is completed with Carrickfergus, a haunting song.

Liz recites an unseasonal Poem For October in June ( but can be forgiven because the temperature outside is more like October). One of her own next - A Thousand Things To Do Before You Die - what a lovely poem!

I'm feeling hungry all of a sudden as Margaret gives us Chinese Stirfry Blues. We all join in to Lord Of The Dance, When The Saints Go Marching In and The Midnight Special to finish off a wonderful afternoon where all the performers have really worked their socks off.

We are back again on 4th July for a special birthday celebration. See you there!!