FaBclub review
6th June 2010
written by
Liz Montgomery

On a sultry Sunday afternoon the temperature is rising at the White Hart… CLIVE is our compere… with his selection of naughty jokes and stories to get us into the spirit.

ROCKIN' BOB CASH kicks off the afternoon with his own summery arrangements of "Blue Spanish Eyes" and "Pretty Baby".

Trouble and strife: it has to be BERNARD and MAUREEN on particularly top form -some jaunty tunes on guitar and concertina.

FOXON take the floor with a selection of interesting instruments including a Balalaika… "Volga Volga".. translated into English.. sort of.. as "Vodka, Vodka" (and yes, it is clearly where the New Seekers got the tune for "The Carnival is Over") neatly moving on into a song accompanied by a 12 string bandurria (Andalucian with a nearly but not quite standard guitar tuning) .. all instruments with bs today.

LIZ reads some poems.. first a curiosity written by John Hegley called "Gladly Bamboozled", and one of her own called "A Thousand Things to See before You Die".

Next up is guitar work and singing from LEN REEDER… "Don't Look Back in Anger" and a classic Neil Young number "I believe in you".

We have a ukelele player today.. but unusually it is HELEN ISLIP.. a song she wrote herself called "Angela Flacton".. about an naughty imaginary childhood friend. Then she switches to guitar and we are into skiffle territory "Pick a bale of cotton" with the Fabclub choir in strong voice. Great for a summer's afternoon.

"The ol' beggars bush" is PAUL BALLANTYNE's first number.. he discovered it apparently when it was played on Stargate (and originally written/performed by the Irish band Flogging Molly). Then a melodic Lief Clayton song "If I can do it, so can you" - great words about not taking the easy life but being true to yourself.

JOE MIGDAL treats us to "Romford Market".. sounds traditional but the contents are very modern…and the soothing, melodic "Rip it up Joe".

On into the second half….

" ROCKIN' BOB - "The very thought of you" and "My desire "
" BERNARD & MAUREEN with some more jaunty tunes this time from Sweden
" LIZ - with more John Hegley ("The Death of the Potatoes") and her own "Oh my - haven't they changed"
" FOXON - with the John Sharples penned "My bottom is wide" and The Drunkards Walk" with superfoxon beeraphone

Superlovely FaBclub raffle with yummy prizes and into the third half… its now raining outside.. but we still have the sunshine inside:

" LEN REEDER does some covers of PP Arnold covers "To love somebody" (written by Robin and Barry Gibb) and that great Cat Stevens song "The first cut is the deepest"
" HELEN is back with "Homeward Bound" and "At Seventeen"
" PAUL performs one of Claudines's songs.. "Fortune Cookie" and the rather different "The Vicar and the Frog" song
" JOE plays "Heading out" - appropriate for the festival season…
" And FOXON round off the afternoon with "Rue"


See you back here on 20th June…