FaBclub review
23rd May 2010
written by
Clive Meggs

It's Scorchio this afternoon, obviously far too hot for some to sit in their gardens judging by the attendance. As the sun comes round to the back of the building the temperature is rising inside too. But we have some cool performers this afternoon to stabilise the temperature, and we are off to a prompt start.

Margaret is our compere for the afternoon and she starts us off with a bouncy summery song - I Feel Lucky. She follows with Messing About on the River - not too far from the Thames to make this a reality.

Bernard and Maureen are next and treat us to some jolly tunes. We can always rely on them to give us some toe-tappingly terrific rhythms. The fabclub percussion dip a tentative toe into the tune, I am sure they are just pacing themselves.

We are honoured this afternoon with an all too infrequent visit from John and Margaret alias Foxen, regulars at the Havering Folk Club. They start with a familiar song Juniper, Gentle and Rosemary, according to Margaret otherwise known as Child Ballad 1b with a bit extra. John is playing a 12 string medieval type guitar known as a Bandurria and Margaret accompanies him on a bowed string instrument known as a bowed psaltery. John changes instrument to a convential guitar for an unseasonal Christmas song (designed to cool us down) about a shepherd on the festive day. Great stuff! Please come back again soon.

Fiona McBane is our next performer, without her partner Steve O'Kane. She plays us a tune on the flute (this is a first). The tune was written for the violin and has the title Mary Young and Fair. What a beautiful tune played with confidence by Fiona. She follows this with a poem written by Steve called The Mirror Lies Broken. Brilliant stuff!!

Paul Ballantyne is next with a Warren Zevon Song dedicated to his best friend Trevor who is poorly at the moment. With the title of Roland's Thompson Gun this song is sung and played with great feeling by Paul. A bit of wailing next with The Werewolves Of London., a song Paul says he has not played here before. This really gets the Leopards howling in the background - are they afraid…very afraid!! We will find out later.

Our resident poet is next. Liz gives us a poem for all the songwriters and musicians in the audience - The Troubadour. She follows this with another great piece called Last Night I Dreamed. I cannot remember hearing either of these before. Superb stuff Liz!!!

Len is dragged out from the back of the class ( I don't think he was naughty) and entertains us first with a Manfred Mann song - Pretty Flamingo. He follows this with the second Warren Zevon song of the afternoon - Accidentally Like A Martyr. Neil Young fans can't get no satisfaction.

Steve O'Kane is next and starts us off with an old favourite - You Make it Easy. This could definitely be a top ten hit (take note all you promoters out there). He follows with a song about love second time around - a new one to me - called We Who Steer By Darkness. Well up to your usual high standard Steve.

Paul Steele is our next floor spot. He has a little trouble remembering the first verse but when he does he takes us into a fantastic version of Crazy Love. We haven't seen Paul for a while - welcome back! How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live is the lengthy title of his second song, played and sung in his own unique style, which I for one have missed.

Mike Chapman is next to give us some exquisite sounds on his Jazz Guitar. Just the tonic for a lazy hot summer afternoon. Mike is one of several men in the club wearing his summer legs this afternoon and tells us that his go right down to the floor and back up again. The first tune has the title of A Thousand Dreams Of the Attilla Donner. The second is equally laid back and relaxing. A touch of class.

After a well earned break for refreshment and ablutions we are entertained by a drumless Tone Deaf Leopard with a Tom Paxton song - Not Tonight Marie. Sue plays ceaselessly with Trevors body as a substitute drum to the great amusement of the audience. Has anybody got a bucket of water? An Irish song next - Mrs Hooligan's Christmas Cake. Sue plays the accompaniment on a borrowed leper stick, aptly named by Trevor because bits keep falling off.

We go round once again with time for only one more each from the performers.

Bernard and Maureen give us another tune on concertina and guitar.

Foxen play us The Lampboy Song about the Gressford mining disaster.

Steve and Fiona give us an American Indian song - Wookhan Toonka

Paul B sings Once in a Very Blue Moon, a Nanci Griffith song

Len asks us to whistle in the middle of Jealous Guy

Summer is A-Coming In was a short poem given to us by Liz.

Paul S continues the poetry theme with The Golden Apples of the Sun

Margaret goes to cowboy land with Red River Valley.

Tone Deaf Leopard give us a song about a letter.

We finish off what has been a great afternoon with a joining in version of The Wreck of the Old 97, led by the Leopards. If you have enjoyed the afternoon or missed the proceedings for some reason we are back again in the function room on Sunday 6th June 2010 for a get a floor spot session. See you there!!!!