FaBclub review
9th May 2010
written by
Liz Montgomery

The weather has turned unseasonably chilly, so an ideal time to while away a few languorous Sunday afternoon hours at FaBclub. We have a packed house and all sorts of instruments and styles of entertainment lined up. Lovely.

Maureen swings into action as MC this afternoon with cross-cultural tales of her early role with Beavers. :-O Moving swiftly on….

Bernard and Maureen open the proceedings with some appropriately tuneful arrangements of traditional laments and shanties.

The fun continues with Margaret aka Lady Formby "Putting on the Style" on her yellow ukulele and "Hey, good looking!" on the banjo uke (especially for Bernard)

"I'm a rover, seldom sober" continues the impish air - thanks to Mike and his 'amazing musical chest expander'! And then off to the raging seas with a great shanty… and the landlubbers lying below..below…below… he's doing an evening at Romford Folk Club on 22nd June.. so do go along.

We are now drifting into a more traditional theme as JoJo sings us "Galway Shawl"

The afternoon is bustling on …Mike Chapman takes the floor and soothes us with his beautiful and dynamic jazz guitar work - outside is cold and grey ..inside is sunshine and dappled flowing clear streams…featuring "Mi cossa" by Wes Montgomery

Norman has ukulele and harmonica today - to perform "Darling" for JoJo (its an afternoon of dedications) - then back to Mr Formby.."Oh, don't the wind blow cold".

Some poems from Liz: "A thousand things to do before you die" (a bit solemn) and some Mars and Venus (and laughter) with "Shoes".

Fresh from his successful evening set earlier this week Len Reeder performs the lovely "Sad Lisa" (Cat Stevens if you have forgotten) and the nowadays rarely heard "Fifth Dimension" (The Byrds)

Be afraid.. very afraid … it's Tone Deaf Leopard… with some relatively new stuff. "Lola"… not related to the Kinks version apart from the title...but as ever really sassy and savage lyrics from TDL. "I want to, I need to, but I know I can't dance" has a subtle (?) rhythm that Trev says needs a Jamaican trumpeter - so he has to make do with a kazoo.

Yay - it's a great crowd this afternoon and Moriarty is here. "Garrett Barrys" and some lively polkas - so even more sunshine

Bill has a whacky T shirt on today… he's out and browsing in the country doing the "ley lines".. and a saucy May 'pole dancing' song - not quite the sort of Maypole you might come to expect at a folkish type venue - classics!

A lovely Fabclub raffle is next - lots of prizes - wine, chox, smellies and various cats….(don't worry, they were, respectively, china and cuddly, no animal was harmed during this performance)

We had a really long first half today as more and more performers arrived, so contrary to normally FaBclub practice, we really do only have two halves today - albeit assymetrical ones. So another turn or two for every one that wants to with some FaBclub type jamming - whoo-hoo:

- More tunes and shanties from Bernard and Maureen, ably supported by Moriarty on the bodhran;
- Mike is making merry with a "Bottle of Wine" and his piano accordion, as well as other traditional jollities;
- JoJo gives us a musical benison;
- The brilliant "Cousin Jack" and "Hide your love away" from Len;
- TDL have another new song "Sister, Mister" - with a distinctively dance vibe; then they are "Putting the devil down"
- Liz takes us back to the sixties with "Hey man, do you remember" and a little trundle through the years with various eccentric "Kentish Maids"
- Moriarty tells us his instrument is a button accordion (glad he told us, as they all confuse me!) and rattles off some more amazingly complex stuff
- A sad old pub and a sad person is conjured up by Bill with "Nicotine Ceiling" and more dissolution with "Dry Cardrona"

What a great afternoon ! And many thanks to Maureen for a great job keeping us all in order.