FaBclub review
11th April 2010
written by
Liz Montgomery

Welcome to our new MC - TERRIE - her first time at FaBclub; she has to find out who we all are and bring us all to order. It's a packed house - and more arriving all afternoon. So she as taken on a set of difficult tasks for anyone (especially the bringing to order bit)…. and she takes them on with great style and gusto.

BERNARD & MAUREEN open the proceedings with some traditional tunes on concertina and guitar.

"Play me a ukelele tune" is just the right number for MARGARET/LADY FORMBY and then she wants us all to "Keep fit".

TONE DEAF LEOPARD have their gibbon t shirts on - but don't get funky … instead two songs about food - the traditional (yes, really) "Mrs Hooligans Christmas Cake" and, of course, the fully choreographed version of "Roadkill Café".

JOE MIGDAL has brought along a new keyboard to serenade us - which can make lots of lovely sounds. A lovely version of "The lowlands of Holland" emerges. He then produces a completely different instrument, an Appalachian Dulcimer, and plays a Dransfield number…. "Up to now".

A quality afternoon continues with BEN in lyrical mood on guitar treating us to some Coldplay and a lovely (and technically very tricky) celtic influenced instrumental number.

"Kilkelly" is a song that JOJO has been learning and this is her first performance of it. A fascinating story song written as a series of letters. She follows this with the quirky "Lucy is sleeping again".

LEN takes us up to the first break with "Stoned me" and a bit of a new style with "Bound for South Australia"

Great to have AL NEVILLE with us today and echoing TDL he serenades us with a waltz…"Waltz and all". Moving into music of a different sort with a song about a rock documentary "I don't like it but it's only rock and roll"…always the same story but a different band.

Some poems from LIZ - "Seasons" - because the cowslips are in bloom and the antidote to reunions with "Oh my - haven't they changed".

Fabulous virtuoso jazz guitar from MIKE CHAPMAN…superb on a sunny spring afternoon… we are all just drifting away on a musical breeze…

BLOKE IN A HAT (Trevor B)..gets us to remember to "Breathe" …and then in honour of the weather reminds us that "The sun shines over Romford".

We have a visitor all the way from Scotland - AUDREY- who provides us with an absolutely stunning version of "The Jute Mill Song" - a classic from Dundee - followed up with "Scarlet Tide". Please visit us again on your next holiday.

Wonderful FaBclub raffle time… then the final few sessions

" Margaret is "Home on the Range";
" Ben is chugging along with the Blues;
" TDL perform "I will survive";
" Al ensures we leave the premises disreputably - "Consider the neighbours";
" Bloke in a Hat takes us to "Easy Street";
" And a final word from our special visitor Audrey with a Johnny Cash song; "I still miss someone" and a beautiful song about Ellis Island