FaBclub review
28th March 2010
written by
Clive Meggs

It's great gardening weather today, and it is reflected in our attendance but we have some top class performers here already, and I for one am really looking forward to hearing them. We have a virgin compere today. Sean has arrived to support his father, Paul Ballantyne, and readily volunteered for the job.

Margaret is our first performer and starts with a couple of Aussie songs - Bound For South Australia and Waltzing Matilda. This is followed by a shortened version of We're Bound For Botany Bay, unfortunately Margaret only knows a couple of verses but is helped out by Trevor who sings a further verse to her accompaniment

Bernard and Maureen are on next to give us a couple of jolly little tunes, one I recognise as Lord Of The Dance. This is followed by an equally jolly set and the percussion come into force.

Sean introduces his dad Paul next. After a brief guided tour of his guitar, at our request I must add, he enters into a new song involving finger picking ( a style not frequently used by him) with the title of Cello Song. What a great song! He continues with a Richard Thompson song - Down Where The Drunkards Roll. What a contrast! Thanks Paul! I am looking forward to more in the second half.

Len steps up next and tells us he is feeling a little fragile after a party last night. He didn't get to bed until 3.00am, and then the clocks were put forward. He sounds great to me as he enters into his first song - I Can't Find My Way Home. This is followed by The First Cut Is The Deepest. You are still in great form, Len.

Tone Deaf Leopard are next. Trevor is tired ( has he been to the same party as Len?). They start with a song sung in calypso rhythm (but not necessarily accompanied in calypso) - Bonny Mary of Argyl. This is followed by another new one to me - The Concrete Garden Nun written by Trevor when his children were small.

Ben is next - we haven't seen him for some time. He starts with a tear-jerking tune, which he has written but not named, which leads into a more well known number. Some beautiful intricate guitar playing was displayed, and continued throughout the second tune, written by Ben, and also unnamed (if that makes sense). Anyway, Ben played magnificently.

Moriarty and Roy are next. I last heard them at the Thurrock Beer Festival last year when they went down a treat. They played two sets of tunes in the first spasm, again both unnamed, but brilliant. I challenge anyone who didn't feel like getting up to dance during their set. Toetappinglyfantastic is a new word I have invented for them. Again I can't wait for the second half, which will follow after a short ten minute break

We have a couple of fabclub virgins next, Jack and Allison. Jack is the male half of the duo, he is keen to point out. They start with a chorus song - Gentleman Soldier, Jack playing a mean melodeon and Alison singing in a strong traditional voice. Their second song - No Sir No - is another traditional song with a great chorus. Great stuff Jack and Allison, we hope you are able to come back again soon.

Margaret is back for her second set and starts, after a couple of dreadful Xmas Cracker Jokes, with I Wish I had Someone To Love Me. A George Formby song next dedicated to our compere Sean - TT Races. And we thought it was going to be a Formbyless afternoon.

Bernard and Maureen are next with two sets. Maureen is like a rose between two squeezeboxes as they are joined by Jack on his melodeon for their second set.

Paul is next and starts with the third song he has never done before, a Bob Dylan song written from a woman's point of view - North Country Blues. To balance out the sexes he follows this with a Richard Thompson song about a motor bike - Vincent White Lightening. Great stuff Paul!!

Len is next, still feeling a little fragile he starts with I Always Thought I'd See You Once Again. This is followed by a Neil Young song - Alabama. Those high notes will really sort your head out, Len.

Tone Deaf Leopard are next with a song they borrowed in the sixties called Kilimanjaro Road. A bit of humour next with The Folk Festival Song, a parody of Stuck in the Middle with You written by Trevor from true experiences of being stuck in a portaloo.

The second set from our next performer, Ben, was equally as good as the first. He gave us two tunes - Off To California and another so far unnamed. You get better and better, Ben!!

Moriary and Roy play a waltz next, requested by Bernard. They follow with The Blackbird and a march - The Return From Fingal.

Our virgins Jack and Allison are called upon to finish the afternoon and admit they only expected to do one song ( but we want more ). They quickly gather their thoughts and give us a lovely song with a chorus - Molly O. They finish with Bedlam but it is quite a gentle ballad

By popular request we round off proceedings and all musicians join in to a rendition of Pay Me My Money Down, led by Trevor. This was one of the best afternoons we have had at the FaBclub. If you feel you have missed out you can become part of our next meeting in the function room on Sunday 11th April. Have a nice Easter, and don't eat too much chocolate!!