FaBclub review
7th March 2010
written by
Clive Meggs

A cold sunny afternoon - quite a contrast from last weeks rain and wind. It's still cold though. Liz braves the effects of a very serious case of the lurgy to bring the computer and other necessary requirements in, but is not well enough to stay. Get well soon, Liz. Hope to see you at the next session.

Margaret readily volunteers to be our compere for the afternoon and starts the session off with I Feel Lucky, a nice joiny in one to begin with. She follows this with a Formby number, requested by yours truly some time ago A Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock. Nice to hear, Margaret.

Len is called upon next and is completely surprised as he is not used to being at the head of the list. Nevertheless, he steps straight into a Neil Young song - I Believe In You ( how does he reach those high notes?). A Beatles song follows - Norwegian Wood. Great choice, Len. See, you can perform without the nectar.

Bernard and Maureen are next with a couple of jolly tunes. Maureen looks becoming in her embroidered jeans - real flower power to the people

JoJo is next with a self-penned poem put to music called See Your Face. She says she wrote this year and years ago. Wollie G is produced next and dances to the accompaniment of Bernard on the concertina. I am not sure how politically correct this is but we all enjoyed it. See photos to find out who Wollie G is.

Mike is next with his accordion He does two songs. Firstly a song with a chorus I remember from when I was very young - Marvellous Toy. This is followed by another chorus song - A Bottle of Wine.

Tone Deaf Leopard and chicken are next and start with a traditional Scottish song - You Shouldna Push Your Granny Off The Bus. They follow with a song finished at 4.00am this morning which has a working title of The Wibbly Wobbly Song, the mind boggles to think of what they were doing awake at that time of the morning. A song about brassieres according to Trevor. Wait……… maybe I do know what they were doing.

We take a break to give our ribs a rest, and do all the things you tend to do in a break.

Margaret returns with Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs, not literally though (it is the name of the song). This is followed by Uncle Charley's Special Home Made Brew. Shame we can't sample it. All new songs from Margaret today. Great Stuff!!

It is Len's turn next, and as JoJo has been passing around her list of songs Len plays a song dedicated to her - Learning the Game. Black Sheep Boy is next and is dedicated to me, at my request (perks of the review writer). It is now my favourite song Len.

Bernard is next doing a solo. He is playing a home made stringed instrument called a psaltery, played using two bows. The first tune, a John Denver song, sounds great. The next tune is not so well known but is played equally well and receives a deserved round of applause.

JoJo is next with a Buddy Holly song - Raining in My Heart. Gently and beautifully sung. Her next song Molly Malone, could not be more of a contrast. Great to have a chorus to join in with.

Mike gives his accordion a work out next with I'll Go No More A-Roving and follows this rousing song with one of a similar tempo The Wassail Song.

After some rude stories from Maureen Tone Deaf Leopard launch into I Knew the Bride When He Used to be a Man. Sue goes into overdrive on the bodhran in this number. I was thinking of running out to get the fire extinguisher. They follow this with a Willy Nelson song about gay cowboys - I am getting really worried about Trevor. It must be the tablets.

We are short on the ground for performers today, but it has not been without quality. As we go around for the third time Margaret gives us He's All Mouth and Trousers.
Len sings You Don't Know What Its Like, Bernard gets his bowed psalter out and plays a couple of spirituals and JoJo gives us an Irish Blessing. Maureen gives us another dirty story followed by a hetrosexual Ron Truman-Border song from the Leopards with the title of Romeo and Juliet. To save a second journey they continue with a song in B flat - Down The Road Again. Where is John Stafford when you need a mouth organ.

We still have some time left so they all go around again.

Margaret - Blackpool Bell and The Wild Rover.
Bernard and Maureen - Tunes ( accompanied by Wollie G)
Len - Accidentally Like a Martyr and If I Were a Carpenter

What a great afternoon. We are back in the pub on 21st March when our guest is Jim Bainbridge. Get there early if you want a seat. We start at 2.30pm. See you then.