FaBclub review
7th February 2010
written by
Liz Montgomery

So we made it to five years - and still going strong! It's amazing what you will find in the function room of the White Hart on a Sunday afternoon.

Some old and new friends are with us to share the fun - and the crisps and the cakes. We are sorry that Clive, Jean and TDL cannot be with us but we hope they will be back with us on the 21st for our CITP with Pigs Ear.,

Joe Midgal is our compere for the afternoon - I wonder what exotic instruments he'll be treating us to today?

First up its some domestic harmony/dis-harmony with Bernard and Maureen and some traditional tunes on concertina with guitar accompaniment.

Happy Birthday to us from Margaret, Lady Formby on her bright yellow Ukelele. Sing along time with Streets of London and Your Cheating Heart

Foxon tell is about some songs they heard last night at a John Kirkpatrick gig (to the envy of the the rest of us).. which provides the background to their song - Two shillings inside One shilling out - where "connexion" has nothing to do with access to the Internet or the Jobcentre…then one in French based on a poem received from a thwarted (French) teenage boyfriend… Malgret tous je suis fou de vous - great stuff

Some poetry from Liz with a new one - Fresh snow fall - and then the Anglo French Le Chanson du Salon FaB - required for anniversary parties at Fabclub.

Some trad and new songs from Bill…from the traditional camp - Billy don't you weep for me and Nicotine Ceiling - about the sort of pub that is not too hot, but that is an appropriate retreat for the spurned lover.

Joe himself finishes off the first half in time for the buffet. Just playing a six string guitar for a change… The New Mown Hay - written by Joe at Flaxton House where he attended some creative art courses (and met girls!!) Really gorgeous tune. Then Harps in Heaven - curiously I was watching a rather noisy video of this on YouTube this morning where it was more than half drowned out by background noise - we heard it played as it should be.

And we open up the second half, with our honoured founder Claudine singing about Eva, a sweet Swedish girl who can't find a man…in French (and shows how it really should sound). The wistful I will find you - gets us all joining in the chorus.

Paul Ballantyne provides us with a brilliantly arranged version of Cocaine Lil courtesy of John Martyn; then onto Gordon Lightfoot's - Did she mention my name? We are being very spoiled this afternoon.

After much teasing about his new, rather dramatic, haircut, our maestro of the Neil Young songs, Len, plays one for the guys Old Man, and Only love can break your heart.

And next we are pleased to welcome Mr John Stafford and his amazing jacket full of harmonicas…and an extraordinary version of Danny Boy (very) broadly accompanied by the FaBclub choir.

A fabulous version of Forever in time from Paul Steel maintains the quality of this afternoon. What great fingering - and the second number is even better.- The Song of the Wandering Angus (words by W.B Yeats") - gorgeous

We are really pleased Mark Reed is here- opening up with a great number he has played for us a while back from one of his albums - Out of the Past. And then gives us a good laugh with The Dog Song.

The glorious FaBclub raffle and delicious Linda baked FaBclub birthday cake precedes the final numbers from
" Bernard and Maureen with dancing from Bill and Mark!
" Bill (Essex Boy, of course)
" Foxon - Blue Moon
" The Power of Three (Claudine, Paul and Mark) with a belting version of Bad Moon on the Rise (is there a theme here…)
" Paul Steel - with An American Girl
" Len - Follow the Sun
To round off the afternoon a jam of Swing Low Sweet Chariot led by John Stafford - looking forward to the next 5 years.