FaBclub review
22nd November2009
written by
Liz Montgomery

Here we are back in the function room; it's a wild and windy late autumn afternoon but we are all snug and warm inside with a good crowd. Clive is compere today - and has been unearthing all sorts of unsavoury jokes and stories to keep us amused between acts.

MIKE opens up with the beautiful "Carrickfergus". Then gets the FaBclub choir singing along to "The Wild Rover"

Some autumnal poems from LIZ with "September Song" and "Winter Dreaming" - hopefully a bit of nostalgia about collecting conkers and eating crumpets round the fire.

JoJo dons a jaunty cap (and the notoriously camera-shy lass even lets Clive take a photo - well look at the photo and see for yourself) - "Penny for the Ploughboys" is another seasonal contribution written by Colin Cater in 1999 - and an interesting commentary on the loss of rural traditions and its impact on country life. And even more seasonal with a Christmas song (already) "The Holly Bears The Crown".

It's always fun with BERNARD and MAUREEN - today on concertina and guitar - with a nautical style medley to kick off. And then some more traditional folk tunes.

After a little persuasion and too many months - Mr JOHN STAFFORD takes the floor, and treats us to a blues arrangement of "Amazing Grace" and then breaks into a full version of "Oh, Mary don't you weep".

BILL is in fine voice too. A song from New Zealand about the sad life of a now remorseful (possible reformed) drunk and coaches us into singing the repeat chorus. And we are all pleased to hear "The Man from the Pru" - which he hasn't performed here for ages.

How can you follow a terrible but mercifully quick blonde joke from Clive? PAUL is our next act and certain raises the tone with his wonderful guitar style and impassioned voice with an especially good version of "Sweet Little Mystery". What a repertoire he has!

We are all thrilled to hear that TDL raised £211.77p for Children in Need on Friday - well done. An old favourite is dusted down - a song of problems with - um - vending machines in Rochester - and with a moral of course. BEN joins the stage for a number requiring a lead guitar as well and John with the harmonica - a rousing version of "High Heel Sneakers" and after its resounding success continue on with that great Van Morrison song "Bright Side of the Road".

Rounding off the first half BEN moves into solo mode - a gorgeous instrumental the first part self penned -and as yet untitled - and the second part "Rose in The Heather". And to round of the first half - "Delia's Gone" - what a treat.

Who cares about the weather - we're doing fine in here; another story from Clive and then we are off into the second half and the FaBulous FaBclub raffle. A quick run through the setlist::

" MIKE has donned a rather splendid melodeon and is getting having no problems in getting us to sing along again including one of my favourites, "All around my Hat".

" Some more poems from LIZ - "Growing Old Disgracefully" and in tune with the season - "Christmas Shopping at Lakeside"

" Eclectic as ever, MAUREEN has some stories for us about "Claude the Hypnotist" and "Two Prawns" (also involving sharks and a mysterious Cod).

" BERNARD solos this time with some more lovely tunes on concertina; they always conjure up pictures of sailing vessels and lost times.

" A moving and recently penned poem about a fated relationship from JoJo - "Moon Phases"

" "All on a Monday morning" is BILL's next contribution, written by Cyril Tawney. Quite sad and wistful. However the next is rather ruder and the title will probably get this site blocked!

" PAUL brings us a great Philip Goodhand-Tait number - can never remember the title but any song that includes the word "rollercoaster" and manages to get a rhyme to it is good in my book. And rounds up his contribution with a delicious and intricately picked version of "Forever in time".

" TDL are into a themed finish and we have to guess the theme - "Will you still love me tomorrow?" and a TDL version of "Love Potion…number 2" and "She Loves You (Yeah Yeah Yeah)" - so have you guessed yet? The answer is….sheep… as in She Loves EWE…..

" And a rousing finish from BEN - an instrumental followed by the sweet and sad "Cotswold ground" - which has a great twist in the final verse.

Our next meeting is a get a floor spot session in the function room on Sunday 6th December. Hope to see you there!