FaBclub review
25th October 2009
written by
Sue Tuckey

Another sunny afternoon, and happily, everyone has got fed up with gardening. The room is packed. Trevor is today's M.C., so TDL kicked off with "In My Time Of Dying" - John Stafford accompanies us.

Al Neville is the first victim. His first song is called "Ellis Island", though not the song that I was expecting. A fine song nonetheless based on a quote from an exhibit at the Ellis Island Museum in the States. It is interesting how songwriters get their ideas. Al's next song is based on a riff made up to try out guitars in a shop. It's titled "Heart Man".

More people have arrived, and we have a short break for extra chairs. Margaret is next on, "Have I told you lately that I love You" is dedicated to Bob Cash who had given her an extra verse. Maureen likes cowboy songs so "Red River Valley" is next. Unfortunately, Maureen hates it.

Ploughman's Lunch are called up next. A harvest song is their first. Words by John Bartlett and tune by a Victory Morris man. A traditional sounding song with reference to John Barleycorn in every chorus! A Northamptonshire song.by Graham Miles is next about workers leaving the farms to work in industry - " All The Young Fellows".

Bob Cash is next. He's been away too long. His first song is new to me. "Somebody Loves You". He sang it to 9 people last time, so we all have a chance to enjoy it. His second is an old favourite, "Million Dollar Baby."

Jojo is next on. She gives us a beautiful rendition of "You Win Again".

The first half finishes with Mike, who straps on his accordion, and invites us all to join in with "Waltzing Matilda." Then he gives us "The Water Is Wide."
We have a 3 B Break.

The Leopards kick off the second spasm with a song about Robbie Burns' girlfriend, "Bonnie Mary Of Argyle". Set of course, to a calypso rhythm.

Len is asked up as an antidote. He gives us two Beatles songs. "I'll Follow The Sun", and "Norwegian Wood."

Maureen and Bernard follow Len. Some traditional tunes on concertina and guitar. This afternoon is full of good stuff, with variety a-plenty.

Joe is introduced next, and threatens to do a strip. Thankfully, he keeps his clothes on. He warns us about buying guitars in a darkened shop. It's a long time since Joe has played his baby accordion. He gives us a fine rendition of "American King". This is a variant of "Some Rival Has Stolen My True Love Away." Joe's next song is beautifully played on guitar. Staying on a traditional theme he sings. "The Weaver And The Maid.".( Short version with all the sex removed) Margaret in particular, seemed disappointed about that!

Helen is next up, and needs her words for a song which is new to her. Written by Dolly Parton, it is, of course, "Jolene". The standard "Autumn Leaves" is a fitting song for today. Helen takes the song, and makes it her own. A confident performance, with John joining in on mouth harp.

The second half concludes with Bill Farrow. He sings us a bluesy version of "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now." I'm wondering "Who's going to win the raffle." His second number is titled "What Do I Do Now.?". Keep at it I say.

Break number 2 follows. We win first prize in the raffle.

TDL sing "Glad To Be Grey" which goes down well. Alan is next, and has Bill up to do "Twelve Bar Blues", a drinking song. They have never played together before, but have the place rocking!

Lady Formby next, Margaret gives us a Dylan song, "Blowin' In The Wind", which has everyone singing along.

Ploughman's Lunch give us a rip-roaring version of "I Know Where He Is." until the final verse which is treated with great sensitivity.

Bob builds up the suspense, but eventually sings us a song. Another vintage number, "Melt Your Cold, Cold Heart."

Mike is next. He gives us Tom Paxton's "Bottle Of Wine"

Len takes the stage. He has left Neil Young at home, and goes for a blues. "Love In Vain."

From Love In Vain to Domestic Harmony, with Maureen and Bernard. Note the American pronunciation . Another tune played with style.

Joe straps on his baby accordion and plays an autumn song, "Nut Brown Ale". I hear at least one half of Ploughman's Lunch joining in. No, both are singing lustily.

Helen is called up next, and gives us a Joni Mitchell song, "Ladies Of The Canyon."

Bill Farrow is called on to finish the afternoon. He sings "You Can't Take It With You When You Go." He has time for another two, and a blues is next "I Get The Blues When It Rains" is delivered to great applause. He concludes what has been a great afternoon with "Number 23 Bus", his own composition.

All in all a fun afternoon - see you all next week.