FaBclub review
11th October 2009
written by
Clive Meggs

Here we are again, three Sunday's on the trot - you can't get enough of a good thing as they say. We are in the bar this week and are about to be entertained by the Phatt B'stards who have been busy setting up their PA system - who'd be a superstar, eh! They are now tuning their instruments and I like the sound of what I hear. We are also blessed with the attendance of Whatever Next, our guest act in the pub in November, who have come along for a trial run - should be fun. Margaret has volunteered again to be our compere - what would we do without her. Hopefully some more performers will arrive to back her up but even without other floorspots we are sure to have a great time.

Margaret keeps us informed of Charlie's recent exploits and then bursts into song with a club favourite - I Feel Lucky, played on her banjo ukelele. She changes instruments to her mandolin for her second song - Careless Love. It seems it is going to be a George Formby free afternoon. Margaret then takes the reins and does a further song - Singing The Blues. Maybe I was right. Well done Margaret!

Whatever Next are next so to speak. A trio of men, although I am informed that they will be appearing as a quartet in November. Two guitars and a slim double bass very professionally played, they start with a moody bluesy number ( no pun intended) - called Good Stuff. A little more jazz is evident in their next number - In Your Shoes- I am liking what I am hearing, the singer has a great voice. They follow this with what I detect is a country song including the words Let The Four Winds Blow in the chorus, maybe this is the title. It doesn't really matter. It is their performance that counts and that is exemplary. They finish with a song with a west coast feel - Four Strong Winds- such a versatile set of performers. We are in for a treat in November, and I can't wait for the second half.

Mike is next. He starts with Streets of Loredo accompanied on his accordian. He chooses not to use the PA, and doesn't really need it, the strength of his voice and the sound of the accordian being sufficient. He proceeds seamlessly into his version of Blowing in the Wind. He then picks up his guitar and performs a Tom Paxton number - Bottle of Wine - maybe he will win one in the raffle. Ralph McTell is next. Mike gives us his version of Streets Of London. A completely different tempo that make the song his own. Thank you Mike.

Our crooner, Ken, is next. He sings -With A Song In My Heart- an old song I feel. Ken has a lovely voice. He reads a childrens poem - I Want To Be A Teabag- to great amusement of the audience. Then back to singing- A Kind Of Loving, a song he heard Danny Williams sing. Nice one Ken.

Our guests The Phat B'stards are next. George explains that he uses a bandana because he sweats just
getting in and out of bed. He offers to let us examine his T shirt after the first set if we don't believe him. I think we will pass on that. They start with a rousing song - Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time. We are definitely in for a great time. One of my favourites, a Richard Thompson song - Wall Of Death is next. They really give this song some welly. A sad song next written by Ron Truman Border - Angel Of Mercy- beautifully sung and played. The next song is about miners with mucky legs - The Blackleg Miner - sung after a medley of funny stories. I love the one about the Sony I-Boob about to be made because women are always complaining that men just look at their boobs and don't listen to them. A hoedown next , an old Lonnie Donegan song about the American Civil War - Down the Mississippi To The Gulf Of Mexico (I don't know what it is really called).- a real foot tapping number. House of The Rising Sun is next with a little audience participation. Another Ron Truman Border song next, again a ballad - Who Will Play The Blues For Peter Green, a song I personally love. They certainly do it justice. They tell us they had a request to play something out of the charts and the next song has been out of the charts for about 40 years- When I'm Dead And Gone done by McGuiness Flint. A lot of percussion in this - what a way to finish the first half.

We have a short Break and draw the raffle where most of the prizes are won in the bar, not surprising really and they bought quite a lot. Margaret won some smellies, though, and full of excitement she starts off the second half with her version of Fanlight Fanny, this time using the PA. Sounds great, Margaret. She follows this with On The Banks of the Ohio. The chances of a George Formby - Free afternoon are odds-on now.

Our virgins are back on again for a second performance, Whatever Next really impressed us in the first half. They sing a slow bluesy ballad - Fools Paradise. Lovely stuff! How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times is their next song with a joiny in chorus. Thank you gents, we will look forward to your session on 15th November.

Mike is next on his guitar. He sings us Fiddlers Green and follows this with Irish Rover. Mike is becoming quite a regular of the FaBclub. We all love his songs.

Margaret then introduces our guests but is embarrassed to say their name. George says she can call the The Heavily Brothers if she wants. They start with a Richard Thompson song - I Wanna See The Bright Lights Tonight - a great version of this well known song. A traditional folk song next, sung without instruments, what a voice Geoff has. Union Miners has a rousing chorus. We all join in with enthusiasm. A Paul Simon song next - Me and Julio Down By The Scoolyard. And Geoff tells us a funny story about a letter he sent to Paul. This is followed by another Richard Thompson lovesong about a motorbike - Vincent White Lightening. You may have heard this done by our Ben in the past. A great song! An Irish song next - I'll Tell Me Ma , a really joiny in song that gets the percussion in full flow. Copperhead Road is next and is quite a contrast although the toes are still tapping. Their theme song is next - The Pie Song - where we are encouraged to join in with the chorus calling them Phatt B'stards. They say we will all be singing the chorus tomorrow and I can well believe it. To finish off a great afternoon they give us a rock and roll medley containing the Dire Straits song - Walk of Life-and the classic hit performed by so many artists -Johnny Be Goode. You really must try to see the Phatt B'stards if you haven't had the opportunity so far. As all round entertainers they are the tops!

We are back again in the function room for a get a floor spot session on Sunday 25th October. Unfortunately I am unable to be there so you will get a break from my ramblings and will be able to read the review from a different viewpoint. I hope you are able to attend.