FaBclub review
4th October 2009
written by
Clive Meggs

It's Sunday again and the weather hasn't changed. Still sunny and warm outside - totally unseasonal for October. People are arriving to either to perform or take in the atmosphere, or both and it is great to see a couple of faces who haven't been here for a little while. That's what is so good about this club - you never know who or what to expect. Ken has brought some windfall apples in for us to take home if we wish and has been heard warming up his vocal chords outside the room. We have missed you, Ken. Jo-Jo has taken up the mantle and volunteered to compere this afternoon, so here we go.

Mike has been called to the front and starts with a medley of songs, accompanied by his excellent accordian playing. I recognise All Around My Hat and Molly Malone, but I am sure there were others amongst them. He puts down his accordian and takes up his guitar to sing The Water Is Wide, a beautiful soft ballad. Great stuff, Mike.

Paul Steele is next with a song I have no recognition of called He Wants You. It must be a new song to Paul because he has the safety net in front of him, but doesn't need it as far as I can see. He then inflicts (his words) upon us a Bob Dylan song Tangled Up In Blue. Completely different to Dylan's version but equally as good. If this is infliction give me more please. Can't wait for the second half.

Jo Jo, preferring to sandwich herself between men, is next with a show song The Black Hills of Dakota. We are encouraged to hum, but not too loudly. It was originally sung by Doris Day in Calamity Jane. She follows with another Doris Day song - Que Serra, and we are asked to guess the film of origin. It was from The Man Who Knew Too Much - far too hard for this audience.

Ken is up next and he manages to persuade Sue to join him in reading a sketch starring Ron and Eth. She is fearless! A pleasant interlude that amuses the audience. This is followed by a religious poem and a song, She Was Beautiful. We have missed your wonderful voice, Ken, please come back soon.

After a short joke from yours truly Ron is asked to entertain us on his Gibson. He sings us a pop song by the Zutons. I do not recognise the song but I do recognise quality music and this is great stuff. He follows with a song he says is older than anyone present in the room, The Bubbles In My Beer. It has been sung by various artists but he could not attribute it to anyone in particular. A lovely singalong song, thanks Ron!

We take a short break to replenish our glasses with liquid that has already passed through our systems (and will do so again, no doubt), buy raffle tickets and have a chat.

Len is first on in this session. He tells us he has been rubbing down windows and doorframes this morning, and his hands are quite rough and sore, so this is going to be as painful for us as it is for him. I don't believe it. He starts with a Buddy Holly song - Learning The Game. This is followed with Well Alright by the same artist. There is no gap in between, it is as if Len still thinks he is rubbing down.

Tone Deaf Leopard are next and present us with two new songs. The first, about spiders and other animals is called The Offer. A melodic serious ballad well written by Trevor. The second was the reason why they were a little late today - he was still writing the song. Called The Hurdy-Gurdy Herder Song - where does he get the ideas from? - another fine funny song to add to their repertoire.

Ron is invited back to do his second spot. He starts with I'm Gonna Keep On Loving You. Such a lovely unique voice, he has the whole audience transfixed. He follows this with a country song Do You Believe Me Now. Again, everyone loves his performance. Thank you Ron, please come back again soon!

Mike is next. He starts on the accordian with a well known favourite Lord Of The Dance. We have some pub regulars who joined us at the start of Ron's songs, some of whom get up to dance to this song. This is followed by All Around My Hat - the dancers get up again- they really seem to be enjoying themselves.

The raffle is drawn next and we win - an oven glove. Better start learning how to cook then!

Paul returns to the front and starts with a well known song You Are Always On My Mind. He follows with Let It Be Me. The audience are transfixed - boy, are we getting value for money this afternoon. Thanks Paul!

What is Len going to do this time. He gets comfortable and gives us a Neil Young song - Old Man. He says that this is because all his rubbing this morning has made him feel like an old man - ooh err missus! A Beatles song is next - Strawberry Fields Forever- haven't heard this for ages - sounds just like the original, thanks Len.

We have a FaBclub virgin next, a regular from the bar named John. He sings a Neil Diamond song, unaccompanied, called September Morn. He could have chosen an easier song to sing on his debut. He made a great attempt and earned a loud round of applause. That took a lot of bottle.

TDL are next and start with Marakesh Express by Graham Nash. I am smarting from my rebuke over my last review, and must ensure I get it right this time. They recruit a choir from the regulars for their next song, a Kinks number Louis Lui.

Another regular wants to get in on the act. Lee starts with a song he dedicates to his daughter who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 5. Thankfully she has made a recovery. A ballad to the tune of Willy McBride written by a father to his Daughter. Powerfully and emotionally sung. He then sings the real Willy McBride, accompanied by his chum, Mike, to the great acclaim of the audience. Lee, please come back again.

Paul is asked to give us an extra song and he gives us Time Time Time. But it's not quite time yet. Mike gets up and gives us I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound, this time accompanied on his guitar. John, our ex-virgin, has got the taste for it now. He sings another neil Diamond song - Hello. He certainly chooses difficult song to sing unaccompanied, but makes a courageous job of the song. Well done, John. Len then gives us Only Love Can Break Your Heart and the Leopards finish the afternoon with a Carol King song - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. Yes, we will always love the two of you! They do an encore of Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay which always reminds me of Vic and Bob, silly me.

What a great afternoon's entertainment we have had - thank you to everyone who performed. We are in the pub next Sunday, where our guests are the Phatt B'stards, so please try to come along. We start at 2.30pm and entry is free!