FaBclub review
20th September 2009
written by
Sue Tuckey

It's a very warm day, and many of our regulars are obviously still on hols or gardening. Tone Deaf Leopard are your hosts . We start off with "Playing Footie" as there is a match on. We follow with" No Baguettes." Trevor then introduces Mike. We have not met him before. He gives us "Lord of the Dance" written by Sydney Carter. This brought back memories, as I met Sydney some years ago now. Mike follows with "Juice of the Barley". There is only one more floor singer to put on before the guest. Bill gives us "The Dry Cardrona", and a new composition about football with a Match of the Day chorus of la-la's.

Trev then introduces our guest, Doug Hudson. Thankfully, it's a better intro than the one he gave him on Friday night. He gives us a German a football story before introducing his German translation of "The Wild Rover"," Das Weild Dachsund"
He reveals that Chatham Dock Yard was actually in Gillingham. This brought forth a football song called "Come on the Fleet" after a football cry he heard at a Gills match. (Doug is the commentator for the Gills.) There were some funny stories about his visits to Australia and New Zealand. It is a preamble to an Australian song "Broken Down Squatter." One of my favourite routines next, " Serbo Croat Phrasebook." He reads some "useful phrases". Then comes readings from the classic "Gillingham, a great day out.. It's nearly all charity shops and international restaurants like chicken, pizza and kebabs! A song about the ghostly lady of Rochester castle is next. She is said to appear on the turrets at night. A story next, about being engaged to call for a Devon Ceilidh Band. The gig is in Russia. There's no fee paid, but there's lots of food, and drinking . He gets arrested by men with Kalaznikov's, "for having a moustache". The bribe to release him was 2 super kings. Bizarre and unbelievable as these tales are, they are usually true! Doug sings the song he wrote for Mira, who he stayed with during his visit. Mira is an anglophile but is too poor to visit the U.K.
One more song before the break, "Dark Eyes", which is a Russian song, preceded by two great Russian jokes.

Time for a break We in the bar win two out of seven of the raffle prizes. TDL then perform "Nudist". Thankfully, we are clothed, as is Joe Migdal who is next up.
Joe's first song is a shortened version of "The Weaver and The Factory Maid." This is a traditional song that I have not heard from Joe. His performance, as ever,is first class. He checks his tuning for the next number, which is, " Nature's Wonderland", a song written by Joe about The Scilly Isles. Beautiful !
Bill is on again, and plugs Joe's gig at The Hoy at Anchor" His song just has to be "Fifteen Times A Night". This isn't boasting folks, it's what we do now and then, an incontinence song! His second offering is the classic??? "Cakehole Presley Is My Friend." Mike concludes the spots. It's refreshing to have an accordion player here. First song from Mike is "The Water Is Wide." Ah, Mike also plays guitar. His second song is "Whiskey in the Jar."

It's time for Doug's second set, and he welcomes up…. R. Doug Hudson…. Is he any relation to R Dean Taylor? Of course not. Don't be silly… Doug's first song was Kipling's "Danny Diva." Doug's been singing this one for years, but believes he has traced it to an incident at Chatham Barracks. A squaddie was hanged for murdering a comrade. Some years ago Douggie was asked to go on a council junket to Japan. A town there is twinned with Gillingham. Will Adams was the first Samurai, and came from Gillingham. It is called simply, "Will Adams." A story about how he came to play in German Forces Folk Clubs precedes another Barrack Room Ballad , "Cells." Doug then reads out some funnies. Firstly his genuine invitation to a composting toilet opening, then some very strange book titles. I know that "Knitting With Dog Hair" is real because I heard the author's interview on both radio and television.Another of Doug's songs, "Billy", about an autistic boy who can play classical concertos on piano after one listen. How do they do that? Joe asks "Do You do any Dylan?", it's a request. He gives us, Eric Bogle's "Do You Sing Any Dylan." Doug's last song is his classic, "Twelve Drinks Of Christmas." This elicits shouts for more. His finale combines his love of football combined with his love of opera.He sings "Nissan Dormobile", as Luciano Pavarotti. Shouts of "Bravo"
Shame that you missed it!