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FaBclub review
5th July 2009
written by
Clive Meggs

The food is arriving, as well as the performers, but most importantly our birthday girl has just arrived. Liz has been given time off to take in the atmosphere of the celebrations, so I am writing the review this afternoon and Dennis Homes has volunteered to be our compere, for the first session at least. It is hot and sunny outside and the men's final has just started at Wimbledon. As the doors are open we must expect some competition from those watching the tennis in the beer garden, but we have the performers to beat any Wimbledon Champion.

Dennis opens proceedings with a new song. He uses a crib sheet as it is so new, and states that he is trying to do songs he has written since he turned 60, because he is fed up with performing all his old material. Well, I can assure you Dennis that we are all far from fed up with hearing them. The song is called Angel Wings, and is a serious ballad written from the heart. Love Will Overcome follows, another well written song beautifully performed by Dennis.

Len is next, earlier than usual, and he starts with a Tim Harding song made famous by Rod Stewart called Reason to Believe, one of my favourite songs from the 70's. He follows with a second Tim Harding song - If I Were a Carpenter. John joins in in the background with his gobiron. Well done Len !!!

Joe is next with a song called Up To Now. He is playing an unusual stringed instrument on his lap called an appellation dulcimer - lovely sound. He dons a guitar for his second song, Geronimo's Cadillac. I last heard this song done by Roy Mette earlier this year, and Joe, you did just as good a job.

Steve and Fiona are next with a song of unrequited love called Haunt My Heart. Sung by Fiona in her excellent voice. This was a song stolen by Steve from an American CD performed by women singers. He apologises for the next song which is one of his own - Make Mine a Miracle. Nothing whatsoever to apologise for. It knocks spots off the first one, with the exception of Fiona's voice. Great Stuff !!!

Helen is next with a Sting song - Fields Of Gold. Better sung by Eva Cassidy is the verdict of the audience. Helen also makes a great job of it. She then does a Neil Young song, at the request of our birthday girl, called Sugar Mountain.

Liz is up next with a poem I have not heard before called - Fiscal Advantages 2009. Very deep and serious. She dedicates her next poem to Dennis - Do You Remember - a piece she wrote about 2 years ago when Dennis had a special birthday. A poem detailing memories from the 60's. Dennis certainly wasn't the only person in the room around at that time.

Cathy is next, before the break, with 3 tunes on her concertina. The first is called The Three Sea Captains. The second Don Maggee and the third Davey Brae. We are not certain about the names but we are certain that Cathy should perform more often. She says she was very nervous but I thought she played very well, and the audience, I know, agreed.

We have a break, where we are introduced to the famous FaBclub buffet, and have the opportunity to purchase our raffle tickets and additional refreshment, and relieve ourselves of the refreshment already consumed.

Bill Pardon takes over as compere for the second half. A FaBclub virgin from the bar is introduced, Greg, who came along to the pub thinking there was a jamming session in the bar. He is very confident and plays a mean guitar (borrowed from Len). His first song , I Shot The Sheriff is loved by all. It is the first time the percussion has been brought out in full force. John also does a harmonica solo at Greg's request. The second song - Hey Joe - is equally well performed by Greg, in his own style. We hope he returns to the club in the near future.

Bill is next and sings a topical song about MP's and their expenses. He apologises for singing from a crib sheet as he says by the time he has learnt the words the meaning is no longer topical. A very cleverly written song, Bill.

Dennis is next with a funny song, Mum Can I Have a Packed Lunch. What talent this club has. He follows with his library song, a song of passion ending with the librarian being 3 weeks overdue. An ideal Homes exhibition, as Bill wittily put it.

Len is on for his second performance of the afternoon, starting with a Neil Young song The Needle and the Damage Done. Sounds like the original performed by the master. But Len is a bit slimmer apparently. He continues with a Show of Hands song - Cousin Jack. What a great version, thanks Len!

The raffle is drawn and we win a torch.

Rip 'Em Up Joe is next,written and performed by Joe Migdal on the borrowed guitar(Len's). A lovely traditional sounding song, played effortlessly by Joe . Followed by a quicky (ooh err missus) Another Man's Wife written by Jez Lowe. A slower version but again very well performed by Joe.

Steve and Fiona are on next and start with a new chorus song - rapidly named The Bling Song, by Steve. Although this is new to our ears, it was written some years ago, but has recently resurfaced. Steve tells me he has well over 100 similar songs waiting to poke their heads above the parapet. Fiona follows with her stonking version of Solitary Hero, which always goes down well.

Helen finishes the afternoon with Sweet Sir Galahad, a sweet song indeed, and then the candles on two cakes are lit, because we found out it is Helen's birthday on Wednesday. So they blow out the candles, we eat some cake and we finish off with a group chorus song - Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Led by the one and only John Stafford.