FaBclub review
7th June 2009
written by
Liz Montgomery

Today is the day after the Thurrock Beer Festival - so we are having a leisurely afternoon. Joe is compering and opens up with a Japanese instrument he has restored.and which sounds amazing. Next time we might get him to wear the full Japanese gear to go with it perhaps.

Requests from the floor (at the Beer Festival "Wee and a Shave" had been requested as part of the grand finale)- and TDL do a comedy number as a result. "The Hand cranking Song" features that well-known farmer from Faversham and his tractor - of course. And a bit more downbeat with "In my time of dying" - Trevs in good voice today after all his work yesterday compering too.

Another duo - Bernard and Maureen - with a bit of a risqué intro from Joe!! Maureen has a bit of a twiddle with her strings - new ones went on yesterday and are not tuning properly… And they are off into some nice relaxing concertina/guitar melodies.

And fresh from the Civic Hall - its Len! He opens up with one of my fave Led Zep ballads… today Len is more Jimmy Page (in acoustic mode) than Neil Young…and follows up with "I'll try to love again/ the first cut is the deepest"…

And after a long gap Dave is back - with Len supporting - now into Beatles mode. "Hide your love away" and then onto some Dylan with the classic "Knockin' on heavens door"

Some poems from Liz - "Touching the Lion" inspired by a trip to The Forbidden City in Beijing - and then "Oh My Haven't they Changed"

Back on with the second half "Rip it up Joe" - a new song from Joe - a really beautiful melodic number - very reminiscent of John Renbourne.

Bernard and Maureen take the floor again with some more jaunty numbers on guitar and concertina.

And onto - be afraid - very afraid - TDL - on mandolin with a (very) alternative version of the Nick Lowe song - "I knew the bride when he used to be a man" Some of the Leps best work! And another trip to the land of Bob Dylan "Simple twist of fate"

Len is back into Neil Young mode - "Heart of Gold" of course. And more great stuff with "To love somebody.."

And back on stage with Dave…. The dynamic duo dazzle us with something they rehearsed during the break… "Norwegian Wood"

Liz provides us with a poem from Sir John Betjeman - Slough - an acid comment on the people and development of the place - and another first performance "Another Year" - written for the beginning of 2009

After the glorious FaBclub raffle - Joe opens the final half with "Natures Wonderland" - buy the eponymous CD if you haven't already.

And final numbers for the day from
Bernard and Maureen

A nice lazy Sunday afternoon superbly presented by Joe - see you at our next event - we are welcoming Galliard on 21st June at the Club in the Pub.