FaBclub review
5th April 2009
written by
Sue Tuckey

It's a glorious spring day, performers are arriving, and the room is humming with conversation. I got out of writing the review on 22nd March by arranging for our car to stop working, so I have to do it today.instead.. Trevor is today's MC, so we kick off with two new songs, "Tumbalaleka", in Yiddish and English, then a song, finished just this morning, "April's Song".

Bernard and Maureen are up next with a set of traditional English hornpipes, "Navvie On The Line","Manchester Hornpipe", and "The Steam Boat"followed by two more tunes, "Uncle Bernard's" and "Grandfathers". , Although I love this type of music, I never know what the tunes are called. We shall see them danced at Rochester Sweeps Festival, I'm sure..

Trevor "The Hat" sings two of his own songs, "The Sun Shines Over Romford", and "You Really Make My Day." Nice to hear both songs, although the second is making all too rare an appearance. I think he looks very cool and coordinated today in flattering shades of beige, even the hat matches.

Ron, the man with the country songs and the Gibson guitar is next up. His first song is a Hank Williams number, with subtle harp from John Stafford. "I'm Sorry For You, My Friend." His second is another new one to me, "When I Hold Her In My Arms, I Feel Like Fred Astaire" Ron is modelling a tasteful blue tracksuit.

John and Margaret, "Foxen" are next. They are becoming regular performers at FaB Club. They start with the Dylan song, "Boots Of Spanish Leather". There's another song of unrequited love,"Banks Of Sweet Primroses".

Len is on now. Is it a coincidence that since we gave him a wig to complete the image, he's not sung a Neil Young song?. His first today is one by Van Morrison. You need to get your head shaved now Len! John is called on to accompany Len on a blues, "Love In Vain." Not quite sure about Len's colour choice today, but guess the trousers aren't quite brown, and the jumper's pale blue.

Time for a 3B Break whilst the next act sets up. Our good friends Maggie and Mark are here again. This time they have brought Steve with them. Steve plays pipes and other wind instruments. Their first tune is "Brian Boru", an awesome sound indeed. With pipes, drum, and hurdy gurdy. The second offering begins with melodic humming and harmonium, before Maggie breaks into a beautiful, and whistful song,"Always Spring", traditional words, with their own tune. FaB.

Liz gives us her poem in memory of the late Gordon Shears, "A Thousand Things To See Before You Die".She has an enviable way with words! An unseasonable "Shopping at Lakeside" follows. This must be because Australia starts its winter daylight saving today.

TDL take the stage once more, with two entirely different songs. The first is a parody of an old Tom Robinson song, "Glad To Be Grey", very important R in the title. The FaB choir join in the chorus. John is called upon for the second song which is "In My Time Of Dying"

Bernard and Maureen give us some more jolly tunes, before Trevor takes the floor again. First he sings "All Lovers Are Young", citing that there are no age limits for romance. He'd know of course, having been recently married to Michelle. He has a few Martin Carthy moments before his second song, "Easy Street". Does anyone live there these days?

Foxen are next, and bring on their little hammer dulcimer. They sing a song "Dials and Gauges", written by John thirty years ago after a long journey.with an old man. They followed this with 'The Chicken Song' - beg, beg, beg, beggaaah. The less said the better!

Next a short break followed by the raffle.

Len again, sill without a Neil Young song though. Fist song is Sad Lisa. He says he lied about Neil Young, so has to wear the wig for "The Needle And The Damage Done". Len looks more like Neil Young than Neil Young does !

Liz is making a second appearance, bemoaning the fact that she has not written any new stuff. Margaret isn't here, but it is her birthday, so a poem written for her is recited with Liz's perfect punctuation. Then comes "Kentish Maid", written for Sue's birthday last year. Lots of references in there to famous females from the county.

Sanddragon are asked to finish the afternoon. "Come Up The Stairs" is led by Steve, accompanied on bodhran.. The second is "Banks Of Sweet Mossom", a Nancy song with a lively rhythm,featuring, harmonium, guitar,euphonium and whistle, and Maggie's beautiful voice of course. Steve demonstrates strange instrument, a halumi, and a crumhorn. They then play "Riggs Of The Times" with Steve on merletron, the crumhorn's replacement apparently.

That concludes the afternoon in style. See you next time !