FaBclub review
15th March 2009
written by
Liz Montgomery

Jo is our compere on this sunny spring afternoon. Our floorspot artistes start the afternoon.

And first up is Bill who kicks straight off into "Essex Boy" which he hadn't done for ages- and lots of oompahs from the FaBclub choir. Bills recent adventures in cyberspace - more precisely MySpace - are celebrated with "Cakehole Presley is my friend"

After a few weeks MIA we are all pleased to see Norman back with one of his famous ukuleles. A little Irish inspired number for St Patricks Day "Nobody Loves like an Irishman" is followed up by the more familiar Formby classic "Andy the Handyman" full of mischievous double entendres.

John and Margaret AKA Foxen are here today with the impish tribute to "Drinking Beer" sung a cappella. An energetic blues inspired number about the relationship between the two of them is their next number "Fighting and Feuding"- watch Margaret go armed with her brightly beribboned tambourine - clearly a weapon of mass destruction…

Inspired and impassioned guitar-based blues and folk from Ben Little - "Dimming of the Day" and "Cottagers Lament". Ben's style is getting more and more interesting; he uses space in his arrangements to create such wonderful emotion and effect.

On to our guest, and Roy Mette provides us with a selection of songs from the menu! Some gorgeous blues - "Easy Street" as a brilliant opening number. Wow - some of my favourite tunes ensue with some of the best songs from across the folk, folk rock and blues catalogue - "All along the Watchtower"; "The Toolmakers Lament"; "Beddgelert"; among other outstandingly performed songs, including an astonishing version of "Poor Wayfaring Stranger" which segued seamlessly in and out of other standards. "Stranger Blues" is a storming blues number with a great middle instrumental break. More traditional fare closes out the first half with a song about the hanging of Captain Kydd at Tilbury; with some very witty wordsmithing. And so far he has only used one guitar - and I can see another six string and a twelve string sitting on the rack…. Love it!

Back from the break and Jo brings us some mandolin backed tunes including his lovely number about a local lady's Morris round from West Horndon - "English Roses"

The Leps accompanied by the gorgeous John Stafford on harmonica are here to remind us about the origin of Sunday with a unique version of "In my time of dying" . And the Leps have recreated a new version of an old classic. "Glad to be Grey" which gets us all singing along carefully to the chorus

Nice to have Helen with us this afternoon. She gets to borrow one of Roy Mette's guitars and serenades us with "Black is the Colour" and "Sugar Mountain"

Ron has a bad throat this afternoon but is still game for a floor spot - and is sporting very groovy sunglasses too - and starts off with a Van Morrison number - "Back Street Affair"; and then another spiritual number "Oh Lord I've Sinned" with Norman on uke and John on backing harmonica.

And our final sequence from, Roy Mette starts continues the piratical theme - including some Rory Gallagher YES!!! Ann Bonnie, Marshalsea Prison, Calico, Captain Jack Rackham, Blackbeard plus Israel Hands also feature in this part of the set. Then he breaks back into some blues. And then the 12 string -just a little bottleneck instrumental warm up - getting ready for "The Gallows Pole" as the finale. Of course he is going to an encore…after a few problems with his woggle -allegedly. Some more blues to wrap up a gentle one then a stonking version of "Freight train" and a delta love song to close the afternoon. How to really put the blues into FaBclub!