FaBclub review
2nd November2008
written by
Sue Tuckey
A whole room full of Fab Friends are here for Trevor and Michelle's marriage celebration. Trev L is our MC and TDL start the proceedings with a traditional song "Lady Isabel and The Elf Knight". Having lulled everyone into a false sense of security we launch into a brand new song, A.A. Milne meets The Rolling Stones when we sing "Halfway Up The Stairs" to the tune of "Paint It Black".

Alan Neville had the dubious honour of following us, as only he could. A humorous ditty and topical too about Guy Fawkes' night, with lots of in-jokes and puns… "Penny For The Guy" A more serious song next, Paul Simon's "Save The Life Of My Child".

Next up was "Frisky" Bernard. He played 2 Scottish tunes on his concertina.

Lady Formby gave us "Chinese Laundry Blues" Her second song was dedicated to Michelle, "Country Roads".

Ken was introduced as "Mr Pam Ayres" and there followed the usual round of banter and heckling before telling us a funny story - but did we get it? Bits fell from his book before he asked us to imagine him as a woman as he launched into another of Pam's witty poems, no need to imagine Ken, you were living it ! "Thoughts of a Midnight Knitter". Taking all the heckling in good part, Ken
launches into a song called "The Dreams I Dream."

Jojo is on next with a funny song that she calls "Butlins" which she dedicates to Michelle. You know, the one about the woman who goes into the wrong chalet….

Next on was John Hare with an Archie Fisher song, cut down to a sensible length, "Final Trawl" a leaving song for deep-sea fishermen? Next a nursery rhyme song that he wrote for his grand daughter, complete with on board historical background.I think he calls it "Ride a Cock Horse"

Trev announces a break so we can tuck into the delicious Fab Buffet. A Lovely spread today.

Ron's first on after the break with a Katie Melua song. I don't know it though it was very romantic. Was it "Thank you Stars"? I do know the second song, the haunting theme from "An Officer and A gentleman", "Wind beneath My Wings."

Next on is Maureen "Time for some anti-culture". Firstly a tale of Marsha and Sidney in which she confesses to have been unfaithful 3 0r 64 times. The Follow up was The soldier and The Nun" who both turn out to be soldiers who don't want to serve in Iraq.

Norman is next. He's suffering from RSI so can't play his normal uke. Instead he has a baritone ukelele on which he performs "Save The Last Dance For Me." Next a Dean Martin song "With My Baby". Lots of kisses in the chorus.

Culture queen Liz is next. Clutching one of her poetry books that are gifted to her she reads from the back cover, lots of clever words alluding to sex and death… lovely!
Her poem fromGwen Harwood's book was great - telling the secret life of crockery old and new. Next she gives us the re-titled "Autumn Song" Liz is mistress of the descriptive and this is one of those mistress pieces! The countryside in Autumn - we were there with her.

Len's up next beginning with one of those corny jokes I wish I'd thought up. The Beatles classic "Norwegian Wood" is his first offering. Moving on from pyromania to Neil Young' s "Old Man"… ooh…young man!

Rocking Bob Cash performs a request "Lucky April Shower" a song that I thought was called "Million Dollar Baby". A latin song next "La Bala?"

Steve and Fiona are on next with an oldie but goldie "Couple OF Thieves". Love songs are definitely the order of the day! Next, a lovely new song about second time love "We who Steer By Darkness." Steve's trying it out on us, I think it's a winner judging from the applause!
A 4 B break : Belly, beer, bladder break is followed by the raffle. Four prizes today,

Dennis takes the floor with a couple of very funny Liverpool jokes which were new to me. His first song is one that he wrote on the train into work. "London At Dawn." His second song "Keep The Music Playing" was a country rock number with a driving beat- a real foot-tapper !

Helen is introduced as being the rose between 2 thorns. It's dark now, and her first song is "Ain't No sunshine." We are treated to another Neil Young song "Sugar Mountain".

The happily married "Bloke in A Hat" finishes the afternoon with three songs. "Easy Street", "St Augustine", a song about the oldest town in America, and visited by the happy couple. Trevor finishes up with his newest song "Thames Estuary" which he wrote whilst awaiting Michelle's arrival in England.
Cor ! 35 songs today!