FaBclub review
11th September 2011
written by
Clive Meggs

We are back after our summer break and the weather outside appears to be quite summery still. A buffet awaits us at the end of the first half. We are a little short on numbers today but I am sure we will have a good time.

Joe Migdal is our compere and begins proceedings with a song called Up to Now. We accompanies his exquisite lyrics on the Appellation Dulcimer.

Len is next and sings us two songs - Hanging on a Wire and a favourite Neil Young song of mine - Old Man.

Paul Steele starts with a motorhead song about a soldier's lot in the first world war. Very emotive lyrics true to the folk tradition. He follows with a more cheerful song - Hazel.

Alan Neville tries out a new song on us this afternoon called The Edited Highlights. He follows this with his version of a traditional song - Greensleeves, picked randomly from a CD recording of his recent appearance at Loughton Folk Club.

Well, that was a quick first half. We tuck into the buffet at this stage.

Joe starts off the second half accompanied by Kathy on her concertina. They give us The Rout of the Blues.

Len sings us a Warren Zevon song called, I think, Accidently Mad Love. He follows this with Learning the Game by Buddy Holly.

Paul gives us a Slaid Cleaves song Broke Down followed by a song once sung by Frank Sinatra - I Have Been a Rover

Alan recounts a tale written on a recent holiday called A King At Nightfall In Swanage. We then all join in the chorus of Bye George.


Joe dons a guitar for the next song and is again accompanied by Kathy for the song Coming Home..

Len gives us Stone Me and You Don't Know What It's Like

Paul asks the question Is Your Love in Vain and follows with a Bruce Springsteen song - Born to Run.

Alan finishes the afternoon with a sad song My Lovers Cloak and a humorous song The Last Prize Left in the Raffle. He then invites us to join in a final version of the hit song Stay.

I was right in my opening statement - we did have a great time. Thanks to all for providing an excellent buffet and great etertainment. We are back in the pub next Sunday with the Phatt B'Stards.