FaBclub review
24th July 2011
written by
Clive Meggs

It is our last meeting of the season and we are celebrating our end of term with a buffet. The sun is shining outside and we are looking forward to a great session. Joe Migdal is our compere for the afternoon and opens proceedings by introducing Bernard and Maureen to give us a couple of tunes, Bernard entertaining us on his concertina and Maureen on her guitar, and together they give us some of what we have all been missing - domestic disagreement.

We have a FaBclub virgin next, Dave, who sings us a Martin Joseph song - I'm A Celebrity. He follows with a second humorous song - The Internet Blues. Great first appearance Dave, hope you come back soon.

Len is called up next, sporting a beard, and starts with a Show of Hands song - Cousin Jack. He follows with a John Lennon number - Imagine. Great stuff, Len!!

Our compere is on next, and he has his organ with him today. Joe tells us his first song, A Ploughboy's Dream, is played by ear. It is suggested from the floor that he uses his fingers. I Wonder as I Wander is his next self-penned song. The organ accompaniment gives the song a real Sunday Service feel.

Paul Steele is next and is introduced as an element, but he insists steel is an alloy. He certainly is an ally of the FaBclub. He starts with a Bob Dylan song - Jokerman and leads seamlessly into an early Beatles Number - Twist And Shout. Looking forward to more in the second half.

Mike makes a welcome return to the club and brings with him his travel guitar. It is remarked that it looks like it has been on a diet (see photo). He starts with a traditional song The Ballad of Islington, and continues with Bottle Of Wine. Nice to see you back Mike.

We have a break where we all tuck into the FaBclub buffet.

Foxen starts the second half with two songs. The first - All Things Are Quite Silent is a traditional song sung by Margaret accompanied by John on the guitar. Margaret plays the bowed psaltery during this song. The second, a song once played by Pentangle called When I Was In My Prime is again sung by Margaret. I think John was concentrating on his John Renbourne impersonation.

Helen Islip is next with a gruesome song I have not heard before called Anathea. She follows with a request, a Neil Young song - Sugar Mountain. This may go some way in part to describing the buffet.

It is time for Joe to slip a quick one in - called Plastic Willy. We have a great laugh at the lyrics, and Joe's performance.

Bernard and Maureen play us a short medley.

Dave gives us a Ron Trueman-Border song about John Wayne.

Paul sings a Dave Ellis song - One Precious Moment Forever in Time.

Mike sings us The Fox.

Helen produces her Silver Dagger.
Len tells us to Keep Your Distance and then goes to South Australia.

Foxen finish the afternoon with a song about a nurse, a chorus song about cricket from Norfolk and a shanty

Well, what a great afternoon we have had for our last meeting of the season. We are back again on Sunday 11th September for a get a floor spot session. I hope you can wait until then.