FaBclub review
5th June 2011
written by
Clive Meggs

It has just started to rain outside which we desperately need for the garden, but it is dry inside and people are arriving. Looks like it is going to be a great afternoon.

Lady Formby is our compere for the afternoon, and after a story about her misfortunes over the past week she starts proceedings with a Marianne Faithful song - As Tears Go By. She follows this with a medley of songs - Waltzing Matilda and Bound For South Australia.

Bill Pardon is next, in fancy dress and with a white handkerchief to wave, with a new song about folk festivals. He follows this with a more contemporary song about myspace - Cakehole Presley Is My Friend.

Foxen are next and start with a new song written as a challenge by Trevor Sharples at the Havering Folk Club during the course of one session. Called I'm Forever Playing Folk Songs it is sung to the tune of that famous West Ham anthem. John sings on this tune and plays the guitar whilst Margaret plays her hammer dulcimer. It is Margaret's turn to sing on their next song - The Trees They Do Grow High

We have a group of 5 next, who have appeared as our guests in the pub on a previous occasion, Whatever Next being their collective title. With a double bass (smaller version), guitar, mouth organ, violin and mandolin they make a great sound. Booze Blues is their first song, a bluesy number with a chorus. Their second song was written as a tribute to a couple of mixed races who got married in Virginia in the 1960's, leading to a day celebrated in the States on June 12th as Loving Day. A lovely soulful song beautifully sung.

Colin is called to the front and in contrast sings us a rhythmic number with the title of Buddha's Eye, which really gets our feet tapping. He follows this with another self-penned song - Golden Days. Great stuff, Colin!!

Wag and Den (two members of Whatever Next) return to give us a couple of tunes playing the fiddle and guitar. Real hillbilly toe-tapping stuff, so much so I thought Bill Pardon was going to get up and dance.

Frank is next and gives us an old Fleetwood Mac song - Man Of The World. He follows with a mixture of two songs in 12 bar blues style. Colin accompanies him on his harmonica. I detect a little of Eric Clapton in the composure.

Len is on next - minus his moustache. He starts with a Warren Zavvon song - I Will Still Be Loving You. The popular song If I Were A Carpenter is next and the audience immediately respond in song. Nice to see you back, Len.

After a great first session we take a well-earned break to recharge our systems.

Colin and Frank start the second half with a Rod Stewart song - Madolin Wind. Frank gets out his chrome guitar for this and plays with a slide. Wag accompanies them on fiddle. A great sound. Staying in the same format they continue with an old Rolling Stones Number - No Expectations.

Time for a bit of culture next from our resident poet, Liz. She starts with with a poem she wrote some time ago about Marakesh, which she tells us has changed since it was written beyond all belief. She follows with a poem written for Dennis Holmes 60th Birthday - Do You Remember - well I am sure we all remember parts of the poem.

Margaret comes back to give us Midnight Special.
Bill recounts the Tale Of Old Mother Moore.
Whatever next play us a thumping tune - Push That Pigs Foot Further into the Fire.
Foxen repeat a song they sang here in April 2008 - Sovay.
Colin gives us a song from the late Johnny Thunder - Some Hearts.
Wag and Den give us a slow melodic tune.
Frank sings Maggie May in his own unique style.
Len sings a Neil Young song The Needle And The Damage Done.
Liz recites an interpretation of the purple room French poem, written for Claudine.
Bill gets out his Silver Dagger.
Foxen sing a brutal song where John is smashed in the face with a tambourine

And the afternoon is finished off by Whatever Next with a great chorus song You've Got The Blues There's a Lot of It About. They follow with Mother Earth and Let The Light From The Lighthouse Shine On Me with a little bit of Amazing Grace at the end. Wow!, what a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We are back again in the function room on 26th June so be sure to be there.