FaBclub review
22nd May 2011
written by
Liz Montgomery

A blustery afternoon and FaBclub blows into the Club Room at The White Hart like some glorious random musical tumbleweed.

Liz is MC'ing today and introduces Maureen and Bernard who regale us with some shanties and traditional tunes on concertina and guitar.

Rockin' Bob is looking as dapper as ever in a very smart blue summer suit; a Charlie Chaplin song from 1966 - "This is my song" - I recognise the song but did not know the origin. And a heartfelt version of "Candy Kisses".

Moving to a different pace, Colin has his 'old faithful' guitar which he composes on and which, despite his claims to the contrary, it sounds great: "New Pastures" with great accompaniment on harmonica..and a song about getting away from it all "Cabin by the River"- which is very relaxing.

Helen starts off with "The Nightingale Song" and gets ye FaBbe CluBbe choir singing along to the chorus. And she continues in traditional mood… with "Silver Dagger".

"Summer is Icumen in" (The Wicker Man version) and "Last night in Oxford" read by Liz take us up to the first break.

Part 2 kicks off - with some naughty stories from Maureen… and some absolutely heavenly music from Bernard on his Psaltery. What a fabulous instrument that is.

"Blue Spanish Eyes"/ "Have I told you lately that I love you"/"La Paloma" from Rockin' Bob assisted on capo by Helen :

Colin kicks off his next contribution with some Fran Landesman poems set to music - "Scars"and "It's cool to be cool when you're cool" and one of his own compositions, dedicated to his partner, "Buddha's Eye" which really rocks along.

"Ye Jacobites" / "Omie Wise" (requested by Bernard and with great commentary by Helen - I'll never listen to that in the same way again - brilliant) and self-penned "The Nature Reserve", which paints such lovely pictures of the seasons.

"Unless we sleep" and "Oh my - haven't they changed" from Liz.

A wonderful FaBclub raffle - wine, smellies and chox all distributed around. And our last half hour with contributions from everyone…and much munching of Maltesers - thank you Helen :

What a nice way to spend the afternoon… See you on 5th June !