FaBclub review
15th May 2011
written by
Clive Meggs

Today it is club in the pub with a difference - we are not in the pub! The football on the television has intervened and the staff are reluctant to turn it off so we have been allowed to use the function room. Ron Trueman - Border has brought along an extra three musicians, so we are in for a treat.

We are also pleased to see Trevor and Sue (Tone Deaf Leopard) at the club, who look very bright and fruity in their new colourful shirts. Sue has volunteered to be our compere for the afternoon. Tone Deaf Leopard start with a song about living with a teenager - Teenage Rag. They continue with a song influenced by watching Adolph Hitler at a beer festival (what strange company you keep) called Trinkers Valz. My, how we miss your songs.

Colin, our only other floorspot this afternoon is next and starts with a self-penned song - The New Disease. A far gentler song next, also written by Colin - In This World and quite a contrast to the first.

Our guest is next and Ron introduces his band, The Strangers. They start with a very bluesy number It Must Be Love It Feels Like The Blues
( although they are thinking of changing the title and the latest version involves changing the word blues to Haemorrhoids ). They follow with Whatever Floats Your Boat with a chorus for us to join in with. A reggae song next when Clive, the keyboard player is invited to do his Sting impression, singing high harmonies. I think it is called Rockabye Baby. Still on the childrens theme they follow with another cleverly written song containing the words come on chase me girls I'm chocolate (conjures up a picture). Blues is back on the agenda for their next song - Standby Man. From the rousing last number they follow with a quieter I Can Hear Everything These Walls Are Paper Thin, containing haunting lyrics. Billy Sings The Blues is next followed by Down the Road and Gone, with a great chorus. Another chorus song next - Let Your Love Light Shine. Quite a sad ballad next called Who Will Say A Prayer For Jeanie Brown. Rock and roll is next on the agenda which encourages a bit of dancing at the back. A gentler song next called Some Of These Days. Ron finishes what has been an excellent first half with a chorus song - Let It Rain - looks like it is going to from the clouds outside.


Joe Migdal starts the second half with a song he wrote on Friday. I am not sure what gave him the inspiration, but it has the title of Plastic Willy - a raunchy little number appreciated by the audience. He follows this with his song about folk festivals called Heading Out.

Colin kindly follows and gives us a second performance. He starts with a song called Give Me Rock and Roll and follows with Golden Days. Great stuff Colin!!

TDL are back by popular request to give us another song and I am challenged to guess the title - Can't Dance. Well, I nearly got it right.

Galliard, two thirds of the Strangers, are next. They play a bluesy song called Drag Your Spirit Down followed by a well known tune Sitting On Top Of The World. Some excellent guitar playing from Dave with exquisite vocals from Gay.

The other third of the Strangers, Clive, is next to give us a couple of solo songs. The first, a very funny song called Aloe Vera - a parody of the well known Alleluia. Talk My Loneliness Down is the second, written by Clive , a gentle ballad featuring the problems of disability. What a great voice - and sense of humour. Ron and the rest of the band return to the front and start with Since You've Been Gone - a little country feel to this song. This is followed by a bluesy number - To Love A Woman -with some excellent backing from the Strangers. 21st Century Blues is next with a chorus we are encouraged to join in with. A bit of roadwork next with a Country song called Tarmac. The next song is my favourite so far, called I think, These Dark Days. A very gentle ballad with some thought provoking words. Have Mercy On A Drunk Like Me is next with a very catchy chorus. Everyone's in the Same Boat is apparently Ron's last song and has a chorus that we will all be humming on the way home. But I feel sure we will have an encore - and we do - an even catchier song Diamonds In My Own Back Yard. Thanks Ron, and friends, for an excellent afternoon's entertainment.

We are back again next week in the function room for a get a floor spot session.