FaBclub review
8th May 2011
written by
Clive Meggs

Its sunny again and we are back after an extended break because of the Bank Holidays and Royal Weddings.

John Foxen is our volunteer compere for the day and Foxen start the proceedings with a bit of culture - A classical piece by Bach with Margaret playing beautifully on her hammer dulcimer and John with his guitar. They follow with a Bill Caddick song Waiting For The Lark.

Margaret is next with her banjo ukelele singing Oh My Darling, Clementine. Changing to her yellow Uke she follows with and old Negro spiritual song - Pick A Bale Of Cotton.

Time now for a little domestic violence from our resident relate couple Bernard and Maureen. They play us a couple of tunes and really get the toes tapping. I recognise Waltzing Matilda amongst them.

Our next performer, Colin, is introduced as Motorhead because of his T shirt but his name is really motorhome. He starts with a well crafted song of his own. - High Tech Resistance. This is followed by another self penned number - Give Me Rock and Roll. A lovely summery song next - Golden Days. Thanks Colin!!

Ian is called upon next. I personally haven't seen him play at this club before so I am therefore declaring him a FaBclub virgin. After clearing his mouth of peanuts he sings us a beautifully gentle song Lady of The Well - But leaves the stage after only one song. We hope he has something in reserve for later. I really enjoyed that song.

The M & M's are next with On Top Of Old Smokey (two versions). They follow with King of The Road.

Another two FaBclub virgins next, Jay and Greg, with a song new to me - Trouble Weighs a Ton. Great harmonies! They follow this with a Turin Brakes song - Feeling Oblivion. Two really good songs from our guests. We hope to see you at the club again!


Foxen return to start the second half with a song written by John some 40 years ago with his father in mind - Checking Dials and Watching Gauges. They follow with a song written by Cleo Lane - He Was Beautiful - beautifully sung indeed by Margaret.

Lady Formby is next with Jamaican Farewell. She follows this with a song from a CD she has been given today - Happy Go Lucky Me.

Ian is next with a gently played and well sung song - For Everyman. He gives us a second song this time - These Days, equally as good as the first. I have not heard any of Ian's songs before, how I have been missing out!

It is now Bernard and Maureen's turn to entertain us with some more of their jolly tunes. No rows this time!!

The raffle is drawn and the usual people win.

Greg has decided to split from his partner Jay for the next spot. He sings a song what he wrote inspired by his other interest of stone circles and ancient monuments. I think it is called Circles Made of Stone. He follows this with another self-penned song - Head Without Voices. Great Stuff Greg!!!

M & M, our resident rap band are introduced next and give us Heart of My Heart and Buffalo Girls

Jay comes to the front next minus Greg. He tells us he is not brave enough to do any of his own songs, but sings us a Nick Drake song - Smoking Too Long, a bluesy type of tune with some excellent guitarwork. A Beatles song next from the Rubber Soul album - Hey, You've Gotta Hide Your Love Away, for us all to join in to.

Bernard is next to give us a tune or two on his bowed psaltery.

Colin is next with an infrequently heard Rolling Stones song - Prodigal Son. Nice to hear it again, Colin. His second song was written by the late Johnny Thunders who used to play for The New York Dolls, and is called Some Hearts.

To complete what has been a great afternoon we have a joining in session of three songs: Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Coming Round The Mountains and finish with Goodnight Irene where everyone bar none joined in. We are back again next week in the pub where our special guest will be Ron Trueman-Border. See you there.