FaBclub review
17th April 2011
written by
Clive Meggs

This is the second Sunday on the trot when the weather outside has been bright and sunny, and I hope it doesn't encourage the audience to stay at home in their gardens because we have a great line-up here at the White Hart. We have extended sessions by Joe Migdal, Foxen and Annie and Dean to look forward to but there appears to be a shortage of volunteers for floorspots. Margaret, our compere for the afternoon, has been around the audience and everyone wants to hear the main artistes (maybe that will change later) - So we go straight into a performance by Joe Migdal.

He starts off with an infrequently heard song of his - Geronimo's Cadillac. This is followed by a John Martyn song - May You Never. Joe wrote the next song about festivals and experiences of such events called Heading Out. Kathy joins Joe for the next number playing her concertina, on a song written by Joe called Coming Home about a house in Cornwall where he was born. Joe abandons his instruments for his next song but electronically gains a couple of voices for the chorus (very well done Joe) of a number called The Pace Egging Song. Still on the electronic theme Joe plays a guitar that lights up and plays like a piano on his version of the well known ugly witch song - Alison Gross, is there no end to his talents. Back to a conventional guitar for one of my favourite songs Nature's Wonderland, Joe must be very proud of writing it. Our guest finishes of his set in style with one of his most requested chorus songs - A Big Fat Sexy Man - which in itself command an encore played on the mandolin. Great stuff, Joe!!!

A short break next for the purchase of raffle tickets and drinks.

Our second spasm is precluded by a floorspot. Brian has volunteered to give us three numbers on his guitar. He is moving to South Africa on Easter Sunday and this will be his last performance at the FaBclub (boo hoo!). We all wish him well for the future, and we will certainly miss his guitar playing. He is joined for the second tune by John Foxen playing the violin. They have practiced together for about a minute but you could never tell, it sounded very professional. A lot of excellent finger picking on his last tune. We really will miss you, Brian.

Foxen start their extended session with a seasonal song for Easter - A Cold and Haily Night - we hope not! John warms it up with a bit of flamenco guitar in the middle. A traditional song next that has travelled to America and returned and given a special arrangement by John called The Golden Dagger. A real Scottish folk song next thought to be 200 years old (never mind about the reference to the motor car, as John says they must have had cars first in Scotland) which moves on almost seamlessly into a tune. A humorous song next that originated in Norfolk about lad who did not want to go to war until he found his partner was pregnant. The Gloworm and The Star is the most unlikely title for their next rather beautiful song. My Bottom Is Wide, the next song, is a very funny parody of a famous folksong about a river. A rumba next -Quizas Quizas Quizas sung in Spanish with an English translation. The following song is about The Mississippi Queen, which they discovered has been broken up. Waiting is the title of the next song written by Margaret and it is supposed to be their last but we demand an encore and they sing their famous song about beer. Thanks a lot Margaret and John for an excellent session.

No time for a break between guests so we go straight to our next guests Annie and Dean. Their first song is about a soldier, but unfortunately I didn't get a title. It was a great sounding traditional ballad. A song about a sailor next. I am looking forward to a traditional song about an airman next (only joking of course). Farewell My Dearest Nancy is their third song with some powerful backing guitar from Dean. Another traditional song next featuring Annie's pure voice and some powerful mandola playing from Dean. Annie gets a short break for the next tunes, a couple of reels played on the violin by Dean - great stuff!! Annie sings unaccompanied for the next song, Joe Peel, a sad compelling ballad, brilliantly sung, detailing the life story of the said Joe. The Streets of Forbes is their next song which is equally as good as those previous, I love their style. My William is Gone follows . They finish the afternoon with another traditional song made famous by Pentangle - Sovay, but we don't want to finish yet so we all demand an encore. They finish with a jolly little song that I know I will be humming on the way home - Frosty Young Lady. What a Great Afternoon!!!

We are back again on 8th May in the function room for a get a floor spot