FaBclub review
27th March 2011
written by
Liz Montgomery

Bill is our MC today to a packed house and kicks off to a prompt start with a World Premiere accompanied on his sledgehammer punk harmonica… and a tribute to all those tourists visiting the coast on the first warm sunny weekend of the year in some somewhat dodgy motors with a bit of Pink Floyd thrown in.

Mr Norman Faulkner is with us today - for a change not on ukelele but on guitar and harmonica for renditions of some 50s classics including "Darling".

Margaret and John aka Foxen have arrived with their Border Morris gear as they have both lost their voices. Apart from the amazing hats they treat us to "Brimfield" and (I think) "Old Mr Dulwich" on autoharp and fiddle and a lot of bells.

Some more traditional style but modern songs delivered with verve by Ploughmans Lunch - first a Dave Webber composition called "January Wedding Song" followed by a song written by John Thompson…"Long live the Green Man"

After some application of Christmas cracker jokes (groans all round).. Margaret/Lady Formby gets the FaBclub choir singing along to "Where have all the flowers gone" and a tune that Dennis wrote for her in real Formby style "Uncle Charlie's special home-made brew".

Fabclub virgins… whoo .. a big welcome to Annie and Dean.. great singing from Annie and some very stylish guitar work and harmonies from Dean. Super versions of "The Handsome Cabin Boy", "Black Muddy River" and some tales of robbery and highwaymen "Box on her Head" and "Sauve".

Time for a quick break after that classy opening session.

Here we go for the second half .. Len serenades us with some Neil Young - "Old Man" and some Van Morrison too :

Welcome back to Colin - with his own compositions " Give me Rock and Roll" and "Golden Days" - an appropriate welcome to spring and summer.

And another FaBclub virgin Frank also on guitar with "Man of the world" and on slide with Colin on harmonica. - a soulful version of "Little Red Rooster".

Some poems from Liz - "In Marrakesh" and - as there are lots of newbies "Oh my - haven't they changed", of course…

Jack and Alison are back - with a version of "Rolling in the dew" - renamed as "The milkmaid song" and Banks of the sweet primroses"

The FaBulous FaBclub raffle leads us into the last half -

Norman - on hot ukelele form with a rare Formby number "Oh don't the wind blow cold"
Foxen - with a snappy thirties number
Ploughmans Lunch - "If you're looking for the Captain"…
Annie - a soulful version of "The Shamrock Green"
Margaret/Lady Formby - revs us up with "Fanlight Fanny"
Len - with a bit of Oasis
Jack and Alison - "Banks of Inverary"
Colin, Frank and John Stafford round off the afternoon with "House of the Rising Son" and "Worried Man Blues"- a real Fabclub ending to the session.