FaBclub review
20th March 2011
written by
Clive Meggs

We are in the bar this afternoon for our monthly Club in the Pub session. Our guests are The Jones Boys but one is definitely not a boy. Their music posted on the internet is excellent and they sound brilliant during the sound check, so we are in for a great afternoon.

Margaret is our compere this afternoon and starts with a Guy Mitchell number - Singing The Blues. She follows with a sheep shearing song - I'll Never Find Another You. She is then joined by her pupil Maureen for a double uke rendition of The Campdown Races and There is a Tavern in the Town.

Norman is next (we have an abundance of ukelele's this week), back from his travels down under. He starts with an old favourite T.T. Races. He follows this with Our Sergeant Major. Nice to have you back, Norman.

Len is our final floorspot this session. He starts with a song that could be a tribute for the previous artist - Bound For South Australia. He follows this with a Richard Thompson song - Keep Your Distance. Len must have been practising, I haven't heard him play either song before. Great stuff, Len!!!

Our main guests The Jones Boys are next for their first session. Their first tune, Jack Broke the Prison Door, was followed by an explanation of its origin leading to their second set, this time three jigs. I understand they play in different formations but this afternoon there are two members a male named Gordon and female Sam. The instruments used in the first tunes were a mandolin and an melodeon A song next, Tipping It Up To Nancy with Gordon accompanying himself on the drum. Some reels next, one of them coming from their latest CD. A traditional song next from around the start of the 20th century called William Taylor. Sam adorns a concertina for this song. Gordon has a rich traditional voice which really complements his choice of songs. Two tunes follow, Dennis Murphy's and O'Keefes. Toe Tapping stuff!!! We are told Sam is 2009 / 2010 melodeon champion - what an achievement. Sam sings us a song next - The Fields of Athenrie. A solo song next from Gordon - The Fouler - about a young Norfolk man who shot his lover by mistake (Should have gone to Specsavers). They finish their first set with three reels, to keep our toes tapping well into the break. What a great session!!

We take our break at this point where raffle tickets are sold and comfort is sought.

Joe starts off the second half, and with the aid of his well worn squeezebox he sings a traditional song - Unconstant Lover. Well sung, Joe. As he is so good he is allowed a second song. He changes instruments for this song and uses an appellation dulcimer for a Barry Dransfield song - Up To Now.

The M & M's sneak a second spot with Travelling Light.

Norman gets a second shot with Save The Last Dance For Me - I didn't know you cared!

Helen is next with All Things That Fall Silent.

Len recounts the tale of Cousin Jack.

Moriarty is in the house and gives us all a quick one (how does he play those notes so fast?)

It is time for The Jones Boys to return to the floor for their second session. Gordon starts by singing us The Star of the County Down, followed by a jig. He plays a large whistle on this. The drum comes out again for two jigs and a reel. A song next - My Son John - about a soldier who returns from the wars legless (must watch those cannonballs). This is followed by more tunes to allow the percussion to partake. Three polka's from County Kerry are next followed by a Scottish Ballad in broad dialect - Twa Corbies - a song about a discussion between two crows as to how to eat a dead Knight (with a knife and fork I would have thought). Quite a short song which caught us a little by surprise when it finished. The rattles come out again for the next set of four jigs. A Richard Thompson song next, with Sam playing the trumpet in a very bluesy fashion on a number called Al Boley (not sure of the spelling). Two sets of tunes next, one being a well deserved encore to round off a fantastic afternoon. I counted at least 6 instruments being played by the duo during the afternoon, not more than two at a time though. Such a great sound!!!

Next week, Sunday 27th March, we are in the function room for a get a floor spot session.