FaBclub review
27th February 2011
written by
Liz Montgomery

After a storming Pub in the Club last week with Steve Turner, we are in the back room for our Get a Floor Spot session. Tone Def Leppard are here and find themselves our MCs .. BIG THANK YOU TDL

They open up the afternoon with "I knew the bride when he used to be a man" - I'd hesitate to say that it sets the tone for the afternoon. And from rock n roll to blues with "The Suit Song" with some appropriate words about well made suits last dedicated to Rockin' Bob - also with us this afternoon.

Lots of exciting instruments and stuff today and some international influences - Foxon with a song from France and then a flamenco style number with quite traditional folk lovers words.

The afore-mentioned Rockin' Bob Cash takes the stage - "You made me love you" and "If I had a talking picture of you". (Thank you Bob!).

Bernard and Maureen provide us with some jolly tunes on concertina and guitar, including some new ones which cause a bit of debate between the two performers : !

"Clare to here" is Helen's first number of the afternoon. Then "At Seventeen" - great words.

A mildly risqué joke about cows from Mike leads us.. somehow .. to "Streets of Laredo"..with Mr Stafford on harmonica. Then the FaBclub choir joins in with "Bottle of wine" on the accordion.

A quick break… and back on with the music

It's nice to have Brian back with us this afternoon. "Rise up my love" .. is a beautiful celtic tune which sounds particularly lyrical on the guitar. Some great jigs next "Finn McCall's Reel" and "Chase the Weasel".

Some poems from Liz - "February Garden" while it is still February and "In Marrakesh".. for a little warmth.

John Stafford brings us some early St Patrick's Day celebration "Londonderry Air" accompanied by some appropriate FaBclub mischief.

Mike is whizzing off to another appointment so leaves us with "A Jug o' Punch".

TDL serenade us with "Sister/Mister" which is, apparently, a Lindy Hop for those of you that like to dance.

Back into true storyland - with a brilliant song about John Darwin the canoe man later found in Panama -from Foxon. Excellent wordsmithing..

Rockin' Bob Cash is out to thaw our "Cold cold heart" although it is really quite warm in here.

The FaBulous FaBclub raffle next and to the last half.

And Bernard and Maureen are off into "Walter Blowers Nos 1 and 2" without any repetition or hesitation ….

One of Helen's own songs "The Nature Reserve" - a really pretty and slightly wistful journey through the seasons.

Some nostalgia with Liz and reunions and "Oh my, haven't they changed"

Brian rounds up with a premiere performance of his own "Going to Cape Town" - excellent - and "Silverleaf" a 'heavy wood' piece - tremendous stuff.

And a finishing off song led by TDL … a cotton screwing song we are told collected by Lydia Parrish and covered by Bruce Springsteen - and now the assorted masses of FaBclub. "Pay me my money down".. eight instruments plus voices…

And a good time was had by all .. see you next week