FaBclub review
20th February 2011
written by
Clive Meggs

We are in the pub this afternoon at The White Hart, and looking forward to our guest artist Steve Turner. He has been doing some sound checks and what I hear - I like. The audience is slowly filling and we are in for a great afternoon.

Margaret is our compere for the afternoon and she blows her train whistle to start proceedings. She starts with a song she has learnt especially for me - Blackpool Rock. Thank you, Margaret - another one to your repertoire. She follows this with Careless Love, an old favourite.

Paul is next together with beanie hat and a great song I have not heard before, but as he says it is just as depressing as most of his. It is a song he heard Johnny Cash sing with the title Hurt, which all falls in with his mood. He follows this with a slightly less depressing Bob Seeger song - Turn The Page.

Two virgins to the club are next from the Nottinghamshire area - Steve and Lynn. Steve explains that he originates from South Ockendon and suggests that he is not a virgin (there must be some virgins in South Ockendon). Both playing guitars they start with a traditional sounding song called Carenlough Bay. Their second song - What's The Matter With The Mill, is a Memphis blues song with a chorus, which we are all pleased to join in with. Great stuff from our newcomers!

Time now for our guest for the afternoon, Steve Turner. He starts us off with a Rye Cooder song called, I think, So I Can Hear The Trains Go By. In complete contrast his second song is an almost an unrecognisable version of Are You Going To Scarborough Fair, I think I prefer this version. Both the first songs were accompanied on the concertina but he gets his cittern out for the next broken token song about a sailor and his love one he leaves behind. An American protest song next accompanied on the concertina with the title of Jordan. I have heard several versions of this song but this is unique, and equally as good. A couple of tunes next played on yet another instrument - a mandolin - so he can get rid of the frog in his throat. A short story about the Busby Babes leads up to the next unaccompanied song The Flowers Of Manchester giving a detailed account of the incident. Another lovely song next called, I think, Peace Descends. He finishes his first set with a song taken from the New Zealand poet James K Baxter, I Was Never Sober. What an entertaining first set! We are all looking forward to the second half.

We have a break for activities of various descriptions, and the second session is started by our soundman, Joe Migdal who sings us a song - The Rhythm Of The Streets. Another self - penned song next called English Roses. These are both new to me - Joe must have been busy lately.

Keith and Maureen have paid us a visit on a brief return from Spain, and together they perform their own version of the Sonny and Cher hit - I Got You Babe. I have missed their funny lyrics since they moved. Keith is joined by our Len next. Both on guitars, Keith sings I'm Dreaming, a serious song this time.

A return visit from our no longer virgins Steve and Lynn next. They sing us a Pentangle song - Night Flight- and I must say it is as near to the original as you can get, fantastic!!! In contrast their second song is an old well known song with a chorus Shortening Bread finished with a short instrumental from Steve. I hope they do pay us another visit in the future.

Paul pays us a return visit with one of my favourites, a Richard Thompson song - Vincent Black Lightening, which goes down a treat with the audience.

After the raffle our guest Steve Turner returns with a song - One More Time, some wonderful accompaniment on the concertina on this. Still on the concertina he sings a humorous song he performed whilst in a Geordie boy band in the 70's - Wholly Unfairly. A chorus song next - Drive Dull Care Away. What variety, a whaling song follows with the name of Belina, accompanied on the cittern. Roger Bryant Whilst at Bodmin folk club Steve met Roger Bryant, a local songwriter who blew him away. He gave him a CD to play on the way home and by the time he had reached his destination he had learnt the following song - What Are Cornish Boys To Do. Steve finishes his set with three Irish tunes which really got the feet tapping. But we would not let him go without an encore. He sings us a spiritual song - Bound To Leave This Town which finishes off a great afternoon.

We are back again next week in the function room for a get a floor spot session. If you want a guaranteed great afternoon make sure you are there