FaBclub review
6th February 2011
written by
Clive Meggs

It is our sixth anniversary, and I am told we have been coming to The White Hart for four of those. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself, and we are sure to do that this afternoon.

Joe is our compere for the afternoon and opens the proceedings with a song called Pardoners Rant, written all about our friend Bill Pardon. He accompanies this on a squeezebox this afternoon - Is there no end to Joe's talent.

Our next guest is introduced as Lady Formby who not only sings and plays, but wiggles. She starts with a new song in her repertoire - There is a Tavern in the Town. This is followed by another non-Formby song - By The Banks of the Ohio.

A handsome man from the back of the room is next - our Len. He starts with a John Lennon song - Jealous Guy, and follows with one of my favourite Neil Young songs - Heart of Gold. Thank you, Len.

Another handsome man is called from the back of the room , Paul Ballantyne. He is also described as young which in fairness to Paul he heavily contests. He starts with a happy song especially for Margaret, who says he only sings miserable songs. He starts with an Emerson Lake and Palmer song - Lucky Man, and makes a fantastic job of it. This is followed by a Show of Hands song - Cousin Jack.

Foxen are next and we are in for a treat as I see Margaret putting on her glove puppets. These are almost life size but I don't accept their story that they found them by the side of the road on the way here. They start with Fox Fox Vixen one of their joining in songs. The next song was borrowed from a Cloudstreet CD they purchased after an appearance by the said group at Havering Folk Club. It was written in 1894 by an Australian gentleman -Charles Augustus Flower - and is called A Broken Down Squatter (I think).

The FaBclub buffet is declared open at the interval and we all tuck in to some lovely food. It is also time to share stories about the last 6 years.

Joe Migdal brings us all to order and dons a guitar for the second session with a lovely song called The Water is Wide. A Scottish fishing song next written by John Watt called Pittenween Joe.

Margaret gives us some Christmas cracker jokes before singing Uncle Charlie's Special Home Made Brew. This is followed by a George Formby medley Leaning on a Lampost and Cleaning Windows.

Len follows with a Beatles song - Hey, You'd Gotta Hide Your Love Away. This is followed by another - Norwegian Wood.

Paul is next with a song that he dedicates to the founder of this club, Claudine called Linger On With Pale Blue Eyes. This is followed by a percussion orientated song performed by various artists in the past - City of Orleans.

Foxen are next with a song performed earlier by Joe - My Bottom is Wide.
Joe comes back after a short refreshment break with a song about Cane Toads.

Margaret sings us an unaccompanied song - All Around My Fat.

Len is next with I'll Follow The Sun.

Paul follows with Just Once in a Very Blue Moon.

Foxen finish the afternoon with In Heaven There is No Beer and by popular demand, and encore with the song Drinking Beer. What a great afternoon - As Usual!!!!