FaBclub review
30th January 2011
written by
Liz Montgomery

We're nice and snug in the Club Room of the White Hart for a Get a Floor Spot session.

Margaret is MC today - and has her Christmas Cracker joke book with her again (groans all round - and a few giggles). Singing along to "I'll walk the line" and "Careless love", the FaBclub choir is in mischievous good voice.

Wistful tunes from Bernard and Maureen on concertina and guitar slow down the pace, especially with the lovely "Benbecula".

It's lovely to see Alan Neville is here today. He is still just about contemplating New Years Resolutions. A new song about possibly doing better in life is a natural link from this contemplation… "Starting tomorrow" [working title]. He is in very soulful mood today "Notice to quit" is also about changes, but not voluntary ones.

Poems from Liz - "February Garden" written for Clive's birthday a couple of years ago and a new one "In Marrakesh".

Paul Steele serenades us with his gorgeous guitar work and gritty vocal delivery - always so passionate. Waites and Springsteen eat your hearts out.

"The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" has not been performed by Helen for a while - it's a great Gordon Lightfoot song. More unusual material today - as she follows this with The Seekers song - "Lady Mary".

A quick pause to refresh our glasses and back on with the show

John Stafford regales us with a song for Burns Night - "Annie Laurie"

And then those of use performing rather than listening all get another go or two interspersed with the FaBulous FaBclub raffle!

Margaret - "Only you"/"Unchained melody"/"Marie's Wedding" - yes she gets the FaBclub choir singing again

Bernard and Maureen - some jaunty tunes this time with a domestic in the middle - oh how we love Bernard and Maureen :

Alan - "Heather" - well what else could he sing after a discussion of inflatable sofas? And a new song about unlikely things to see (or not to see) at the British Museum… apparently it's all "old stuff". Some quite challenging thoughts in "Look in your own heart" with a rousting guitar backing.

Liz - "Chanson du Salon Ecru" - and some fun with "Shoes" and childhood tea times again with "Winter Dreaming"

Paul Steele - FaB version of "The night they drove old Dixie down" and a great love song I did not catch the title of…finishing up with Van Morrison "Cleaning windows" (and a bit of a food theme at the end of the afternoon)

Helen - "Liverpool Lullaby"; "What if God was one of us" and a self penned number called "The Millennium Song" about the transition into the computer age

We are also treated to a lovely tune -"The Rose of Kelvin Grove" - from Bernard on the Psaltery - such an ethereal sweet sound.

And a big rowdy ending with the assorted masses performing (?) "Sloop John B".

All in all the lovely diverse friendly happy soulful pleasurable way to spend a Sunday afternoon that we always have at FaBclub.