FaBclub review
12th December 2010
written by
Clive Meggs

Balloons are being inflated, the table is being laid with goodies and the room has been arranged for the party of the year. It is looking very Christmassy. We have two Clive's in the engine room today. I have been volunteered to write the review and Clive and Linda have volunteered to compere. So off we go…….

Rocking Bob Cash is our first artiste at this year's Christmas Party and he starts with what I believe is a Johnny Cash song (no relation I presume) - Keep a Close Watch On this Heart Of Mine. His first spasm is brought to a close with You Made Me Love You. We all love Bob!!

Mike is called upon next to entertain us. He sings an unaccompanied song first - a Maddy Prior song -This is The Truth Sent From Above. For the second song he sings a second Maddy Prior number with a fine backing from his squeezebox - A Wassail Song. Unfortunately Mike has to leave early before the feast to sing some carols. Thank you Mike.

Norman is next with a couple of Formby songs. The first I have never heard him perform in the past - Hindu Man. The second is much more recognisable - When I'm Cleaning Windows. Great music for a party!

Our man from across the water is next, one of my favourites - Paul Steele. He starts with a new one to me, a Donovan song - When I Dance.
He follows this with another song I have not heard him sing before Do Ya Wanna Dance. Paul never ceases to amaze me with his repertoire.

Ploughmans Lunch are next. They start with a seasonal hunting song with a difference - The Christmas Pudding Hunt. They conclude with a World War One song - Living It Up - which included a bit of can-can by our

Joe Migdal is next and begins by telling us a wildlife story to set the scene. He has his organ with him today and promises us a rock medley with a difference. Is it different enough for a gorilla to sing the vocals? I think so. With the amplification they gave us a foot-tapping implement rattling performance. Bill knows how to keep warm in that outfit.

We take or first break and the buffet is declared open

Steve O'Kane kicks off our second half with a lovely seasonal song originating from the ceasefire at Christmas during the First World War, self - penned of course - called A Star In The East. Continuing the theme, well it is a Christmas Party after all, Fiona joins and treats us to her vocals, with Steve supplying fantastic harmonies on their version of Silent Night. The audience are spellbound

Bill comes to the front in his human form, and with the assistance of a backing track and a wig to make him resemble the absent Liz he gives us firstly a very funny self- penned Fabclub Rap and continues directly into his second number to the tune of All Shook Up. You're in the wrong job Bill.

Rocking Bob returns to the front suitable refreshed and gives us Cold Cold Heart followed by Pretty Baby, a lovely couple of songs.

Paul is next and tells us Jesus was a Jew and his next song was written by a Jew (and that's the closest he can get to Christmas). He sings us a Bob Dylan song - Just Like A Woman. Another new song to me next excellently sung by Paul.

Norman is next with Save The Last Dance For Me including a mouth trumpet solo in the middle. He finishes with one of Formby's most famous songs - Leaning on a Lampost.

Some time is taken up next with our bumper Christmas raffle, where most of the audience are winners

After the raffle Ploughman's Lunch return with two songs - The Herring Song followed by Apple Tree Wassail.

Joe returns with a borrowed guitar to sing us another song - Boxing Day blues. He continues his floorspot with a Jez Lowe song - Another Man's Wife.

Steve and Fiona are called upon to finish us off (so to speak). Steve recited one of his nearly published poems, and by popular request Fiona sang us The Old Dunne Cow. To finish the afternoon they join together to sing us a Bob Dylan song The Mighty Quinn. A merry Christmas to all our readers!!