FaBclub review
5th December 2010
written by
Clive Meggs

What a week we have had - weatherwise. Heavy snow, freezing cold .how unseasonal- it is only November. The snow has now started to melt and the roads are fine for driving but I hear we are due for some more of the same. Never mind, we have a few regulars here already so we are sure to be in for a great afternoon.

Our ( volunteer? ) compere for the afternoon is Liz. She recites one of her poems that she has forgotten she has written with the title of The First Snowfall. A very seasonal beautiful poem.

Len is up next, earlier in the proceedings than usual. He says he wants to warm up - it is pretty cold in the room. He starts of with an old favourite - You Don't Know What It's Like. A new one to me next, at least a new one sung by Len - Bound for South Australia. Two great singalong songs to get us off the mark. Thanks Len!!

Bernard and Maureen are next and are in their usual good form. They give us two sets of tunes - Bernard on his concertina and Maureen accompanying him admirably on her guitar.

Norman is called upon next to give us a couple of tunes. He brings along an instrument he has only had for a month or so, a friend of his discovered it in his loft. An original banjolina, it is about 90 years old and as such is a collectors piece. It is in its original condition and still has its original vellum facing. Norman starts with Save The Last Dance For Me. This is followed by Please Release Me - Englebert eat your heart out!!!

Clive (one half of ploughman's lunch) is next and he sings a seasonal Hampshire song about winter. How does he remember all these songs. The second song is about tradesmen - It All Makes Work For The Working Man To Do. Both he and Linda have experienced a recent upheaval in their flat during a kitchen re-fit

Rocking Bob Cash is next looking very dapper today (see photo). He starts with an old song with a distinctly Spanish rhythm - La Palermo. He follows this with a 1935 song I Never Say Never Again Again. It is great to hear Bob's unique voice again.

Linda is next and introduces herself as one short of a picnic. She sings another song about tradesman involving lots of drink -Jones's Ale. This is followed by another drinking song from the Cotswolds - We Shepherds Are The Best Of Men.

We take our break at this point to allow us to have a chat, refresh our glasses and make ourselves more comfortable.

Joe is our act after the break. He has set up his electronic organ to give some carols. He starts with In The Bleak Midwinter played excellently on the organ and moves on swiftly, with the aid of an assistant in the form of Kathy for the harmonies, and a guitar to his second carol Glorier in Excelsis (is that how you spell it?). We expect great things from Joe and we certainly got them this time, but I would like to congratulate Kathy on her vocals. She should sing more often.

Helen is next with a couple of sad yet pleasant songs. The first is about a man who drowns his partner named Omni, with the title of Omniwise. Her second song is also about death - Bonny Suzy Clelland - we really must consider having St Johns Ambulance on standby at these sessions for the benefit of the audience.

Liz is next with a poem called Winter Dreaming - another new one to me.

Len follows with I Always Thought I Would See You Again and Cousin Jack, a Show of Hands song.

Bernard and Maureen return with another couple of jolly tunes.

We take another short break - this time for the raffle.

Then we have Norman who sings Fanlight Fanny and Leaning On A Lamppost.

From one sandwich short and a bit of a pickle we have a whole plateful next. Ploughman's Lunch give us Two Sisters.

Rocking Bob sings us Melt Your Cold Cold Heart.

Helen returns with a chorus song Donnadonnadon, which has nothing to do with a kebab.

Our afternoon is completed with a fine piece of guitar picking and singing by Joe with two of his self-penned songs One Stop and Rip It Up Joe. What a way to finish. Don't forget we are back in the function room next week for our Christmas Party, so get there early with a plateful of food to share and you will have the best afternoon. See you there!!!!!